Premiere Pro CC: Must Know Video Editing Shortcuts

first_imgEdit Clip in Audition:No Default (I use Shift + A)You can right click on a clip to do this, but I use this a lot and this is quicker. This is a round-trip, in that you make your changes in Audition and they show up back in Premiere Pro. I have written on this in more detail here. Some things to know about Groups in Premiere Pro:– If you click on the edge of a clip, it trims just that clip.– If you select the group first, clocking on an edge trims the group– Grouping will let you swap edit multiple clips as one clip. Slide Clip in Sequence:Option + , (left) or Option +. (right)Add Shift to move 5 framesLooks at 3 clips, slides the middle clip left or right.  Thehe clips to the left/right adjust in length (the middle clip stays the same length). Toggle Trim Type:Control + T (Shift on PC)Toggles between standard trim (leaves a gap), ripple and roll. Slip Clip in Sequence:Option+ Command + left/right keysAdd Shift to move 5 framesChanges the in and out points of the clip in the Premiere Pro timeline.  Note, it doesn’t change the length of the clip. Nest:No Default (I use Option + C)Shift + T reveals clips in nestSelect the clips you want to Nest, then press Option + C. Name the Nest a specific, useful name. Do not use the defaults. If I then wanted to step into the Nest I created, Shift + T will show me the original clips. I previously covered Nesting here. Group Clips:Command + GSelect the clips you want to group and press Command + G. When you click on a clip in a group, they all turn grey (selected).  Grouping allows you to move multiple clips as one clip. Replace with Clip from Source:No Default (I use Shift + R)Replace Edits looks at where the playheads are in the Source & Sequence (ignoring the In and Out). I have a video tutorial on this here for more detail. Premiere Pro CC features additional helpful keyboard shortcuts. This is a list of Timeline Shortcuts that will speed up your video editing and let you work smarter.I previously looked at time saving tips in Premiere Pro CS 6 here and here. In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro CC has added a lot of shortcuts to the Default keyboard settings, which saves you the time of adding them individually.To clarify keyboard shortcuts: Mac users have Command & Option, PC users have Control & Alt.  The following shortcuts are written with Command & Option.  Simply sub these keys out for Control & Alt on a PC.All the Default Shortcuts for Premiere Pro CC are listed here.  Let’s dive into some of the must know timeline shortcuts for Premiere Pro CC:center_img Toggle Audio Scrub:Shift + SSometimes you want to hear audio when you scrub, sometimes you don’t. Turning off scrubbing increases processing power. Replace with After Effects Comp:No Default (I use Shift + E)You can also right click on a clip to this, but again I use this often and this Premiere Pro CC shortcut quicker. This is also a round-trip, in that you make your changes in After Effects and they show up back in Premiere Pro. Use this when you need to just send a clip to After Effects for something that cant be done in Premiere Pro (like Motion Tracking). If this is new to you, check the Adobe Help for more info. Add keyframes to Opacity/Volume:Command Click with Selection ToolThis is quicker than switching to the pen tool to add keyframes and then switching back to the selection tool. If you don’t see the white line for opacity/volume, go to the wrench (Timeline Display Settings) and select “Show Video Keyframes” or “Show Audio Keyframes”. Ripple Trim:Next Edit – W , Previous Edit – QLets you trim the head or tail of a clip, a quick way to work. Nudge (move a clip up or down):Up or Down ArrowsHold Alt/Option to select just video or audio (or click the linked selection button), then use the up or down arrow. This will add tracks if they don’t already exist (similar to the FCP behavior) Add Edit:Command + K  (for targeted tracks)Similar to using the Razor Tool, but it cuts tracks that are targeted (will cut all tracks that are targeted). To view your add edits in a Sequence, click the wrench icon and select “Show Through Edits”. Add Default Transitions to Selection:Shift + DThis will apply the default transition to all selected clips. This shortcut now applies the transition to all clips. It didn’t work on the first and last clip in Premiere Pro CS6.Do you have Premiere Pro shortcuts that you can’t live without?Share your favorite Premiere shortcuts in the comments below!last_img read more

Coaches are aiding doping at the camps: Kripa Shankar

first_imgArjuna award winning wrestler Kripa Shankar has come out with a startling revelation and claims that Jagminder Singh and Ravinder Mann are the two coaches who have been encouraging the national grapplers to take banned substances for months.Speaking to MAIL TODAY on Tuesday, Kripa, who was amongst the CWG probables (but had to pull out following an injury to his nose), said that both Jagminder and Ravinder have been abetting dope for some time now. “They both have been doing this in all the national camps for the last six months,” he said.What makes the situation worse is that Ravinder Mann is not even a qualified coach. “He does not even have an NIS diploma in coaching. Nor was he a wrestler of repute. Can someone please tell me what he is doing as a coach in the Commonwealth Games team,” queried Kripa.He also said that Ravinder Mann was nobody in the wrestling fraternity one year back. “Nobody even knew who he was a year ago. About eight months back, he was grafted as a coach. That too replacing a good coach like Rishi Pal. He is very close to the top brass of the WFI and has been pampered by them,” That Ravinder Mann does not have the right credentials to be a coach was corroborated by one of the leading coaches of the sport.Speaking on condition of anonymity the coach said that, “I won’t say more than one thing and that is Ravinder cannot be termed a coach by any stretch of imagination. The rest is for you to interpret,” he said.advertisementWhen queried, Kartar Singh, secretary of the WFI agreed that Ravinder Mann was not a qualified coach. “I fully agree that he (Mann) is not a qualified coach. We have never claimed that he is a coach,” he went on to add.But then he went on to defend the decision of appointment of Ravinder Mann on the basis of his reputation as a wrestler who has represented the country in many international meets.”Ravinder has played many international tournaments. And in wrestling, we have a precedent of appointing a wrestler of repute as a coach. So the appointment of Ravinder as a coach should not come as a surprise,” he said.But when asked to name the tournaments where Ravinder represented the country, Kartar drew a blank.”Right now, I am in Jalandhar and I cannot recall the tournaments in which he has played. I am coming to Delhi on Wednesday and will get back to you on which all international tournaments he has participated in,” he said.As regards the charges that both Jagminder and Ravinder were helping the wrestlers to take banned substances in the camps, Kartar said that these were all baseless allegations.”The WFI will not like to comment on these baseless allegations regarding these two coaches. Their credentials are beyond question,” he said.’B’ SAMPLE RESULTS TO BE OUT TODAYThe ‘B’ sample results of two swimmers and two athletes, who are under provisional suspension for failing a dope test, will be out on Wednesday.Swimmers Richa Mishra, Jyotsana Pansare and shot putter Saurav Vij were part of the national team’s Commonwealth Games squad but were found positive for methylhexanamine, a stimulant that was added to the list of banned substances by WADA this year.Discus thrower Akash Antil is the fourth athlete who flunked the dope test while swimmer Amar Muralitharan is yet to appear for his ‘B’ sample test.The six wrestlers, who also tested positive for the same drug, came up with the same result in their ‘B’ sample test and the sanctions to be imposed upon them will be decided by a three-member anti-doping disciplinary panel.The chairman of the disciplinary panel – Dinesh Dayal – has called the other two members of the committee on Thursday when the date for the hearing of the six wrestlers will be decided.last_img read more