150 orphaned turtles get chance at life thanks to Cornell wildlife team

first_img “If it’s moving nicely just stop, just let it continue to go,” VanDeMark said. And if anyone is compelled to physically move a turtle, she said, “You want to reach around to the back part of their shell — Never grabbing the tail, just supporting the tail. “When kept over the winter, the advantage is that they grow quickly and will be much bigger by spring, thus having a better head start when finally released in June,” said VanDeMark. Alice VanDeMark, a technician at the hospital, said they treat injured wildlife from anywhere, but most people don’t know the hospital exists as a resource. Sara Childs-Sanford, chief of service at the wildlife hospital said in a news release that turtle populations are experiencing declines worldwide, including in New York. “Egg incubation at the hospital and release of the hatchlings assist turtle conservation efforts by supporting population numbers,” she said. Tagged: cornell university, Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital, snapping turtles, turtles Between May and July, the hospital was able to rescue 150 eggs, according to the university. Of which, 70 hatched at the hospital and the rest hatched in the care of certified wildlife rehabilitators, according to a news release. The eggs were all from snapping turtles, one of the most common New York State species, and all from within the region. “On a very basic level, it could be applied to any animal we’re talking about preserving biodiversity and a variety of species in any ecosystem is really important to keep that system healthy and in a way, they serve as sentinels for our environment’s health,” she said.  Dr. Sara Sokolnik, an intern at the hospital, stressed the importance of their work in general, not just with the turtles. Anna Lamb center_img ITHACA, N.Y. –– Cornell University’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Hospital rescued more than 150 eggs this summer from pregnant turtles who were struck by cars in New York. Because the turtles were too injured to lay their eggs, Cornell wildlife experts stepped in to help them hatch. Snapping turtle eggs in vermiculite (Photo by Anna Lamb/Ithaca Voice) In the wild, turtle eggs are buried in the sand to incubate. At the hospital, medical professionals mimic that environment by using a special insulation called vermiculite. Vermiculite is commonly used in gardening as a way to keep soil wet. The insulation is kept warm and damp for approximately 90 days. Drivers should keep an eye out for turtles crossing the road. Snapping turtle in the hospital for a check-up (Photo by Anna Lamb/Ithaca Voice) Anyone who finds an injured or sick wild animal can contact a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator here or call the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center at 607-253-3060. Most of the little turtles were released by the end of September, but some are staying in the care of the hospital to be looked after by veterinary students and other volunteers. Full-sized snapping turtles can grow to be 35 pounds and 17 inches long. “They can be from all over the state mostly they’re from a one to two-hour radius of here,” she said.  Anna Lamb is a reporter for the Ithaca Voice.Questions? Story tips? Contact her at [email protected] More by Anna Lamblast_img read more

MarchFourth Celebrates 14th Anniversary With New Vinyl Album And Tour With Pimps Of Joytime [Track Download]

first_imgMarchFourth will be releasing the vinyl version of their latest record, Magic Number, this Friday, March 3rd. The album, which constitutes the massive marching ensemble’s fourth release, was completely crowd-funded and released independently at the tail end of September last year. You can check out some footage of the making of the record below, courtesy of the band.However, that’s not all that MarchFourth has cookin’ up for fans. The vinyl record release coincides with their fourteenth anniversary, which they’ll celebrate with a giant party spanning two nights on Friday and Saturday at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. Following this celebration, MarchFourth will settle into their recently announced tour with Pimps of Joytime. You can download a track off of MarchFourth’s Magic Number and check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below or via the band’s website.[Photo Credit: Matt Adamik] MarchFourth 2017 Tour Dates2.28 Pink Garter – Jackson Hole, WY3.1 Top Hat – Missoula, MT3.2 Showbox – Seattle, WA3.3 Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR3.4 Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR (Matinee & evening show)*3.7 Hi-Fi Music Hall – Eugene, OR3.8 Arcata Theatre – Arcata, CA3.9 Miners Foundry Cultural Center – Nevada City, CA3.10 Crystal Bay Club and CasinoCrown Room – Crystal Bay, NV3.11 Fillmore – San Fran, CA3.12 Redding Veteran’s Memorial Hall – Redding CA*No Pimps of Joytimelast_img read more

8-year-old brings loaded gun to school to show off to classmates

first_imgThe Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that officials disarmed an 8-year-old who brought a loaded gun to school to show off to fellow students.The incident was reported at Hudson Elementary School earlier this week.According to the report, a security guard noticed a group of students gathered inside of a restroom while classes were in session and went to break up the group. One of the students stayed behind and told the guard that the group was gathered to see a gun that another student in the group brought in his bookbag.The 3rd grade student then identified the student and told the guard which bookbag to look for.That student who was identified was then removed from the classroom and brought into the principal’s office where it was discovered that the child in fact, was in possession of a loaded gun.The child has not been arrested nor have charges been placed at this time, however, authorities reported that they are still investigating the incident.last_img read more