Agreement on cooperation between the County of Istria and the University of Pula signed

first_imgAt the Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies, Juraj Dobrila University in Pula, a Cooperation Agreement was concluded on the basis of which students of the Faculty will do professional practice and practical classes in the bodies of the Istrian County and cooperate on projects of the Administrative Department of Tourism.On that occasion, Head Nada Prodan Mraković gave a lecture to third-year undergraduate students of Culture and Tourism at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies as part of the compulsory course Sustainable Tourism Destination Development and the first year of graduate study Culture and Tourism as part of the course Socially Responsible Business .The head teacher introduced the students to the scope of work of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County, and various county projects and initiatives in the field of tourism, such as the revitalization of the former narrow gauge railway “Parenzana” which is now used as a bicycle and pedestrian path. and active tourism, the project of development of tourist events in Istria, and the project of arranging and thematizing beaches, and especially referred to projects that are related to culture and / or tourism, such as the project Istra Inspirit, Istra Bike & Bed, and especially project of certification of family accommodation with eco-friendly certificate – EcoDomus. Thus, students had the opportunity to hear more about this project implemented in the Istrian County, the application procedure, the criteria for awarding certificates, and the obligations and benefits gained by the owners of the accommodation facility involved in this project.”Encouraging the development of sustainable tourism is a strategic goal of the County of Istria, which arises from the Master Plan for the Development of Tourism in Istria until 2025, and is included among the basic goals of our Work Program. With projects such as Istra Bike & Bed and Eco Domus, we encourage diversification and raising the quality of private accommodation in a sustainable and responsible way, and through systematic education, coordination and networking of all involved stakeholders, we raise the competitiveness of this important segment of our offer. By cooperating with the faculty, we want to acquaint future experts in the field of culture and tourism with our work and include them in our projects, in order to gain useful experiences and knowledge that they will one day be able to apply in their work.”Said the head of Prodan Mrakovic.Students were actively involved in the discussion, interested in the interest and response of owners of holiday homes and apartments in Istria, the results of the first certifications and opportunities for stronger promotion of this initiative, which they see as a valuable initiative to encourage socially responsible tourism. The Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County invited students to address her with their suggestions, but also remarks, to get involved in the development of our community, to become active members of our society and care for sustainable tourism development in the destination.”Responsible business today is a necessity and a priority. It’s the human face of business! Corporate social responsibility means creating added value for shareholders and owners, but through innovative strategies and with the creation of a positive social impact while respecting high standards of environmental and spatial protection. This is especially important in tourism where we must emphasize the importance of space and climate, resources without which it is impossible to build a quality tourist experience, and above all in the tourist experience should implement local features, tradition, culture, customs, language or in one word – your own identity. Responsible tourists always and everywhere feel the difference of experience. ”  emphasized Assoc. Prof. dr. sc. Tea Golja.Doc. dr. sc. Kristina Brščić from the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, local coordinator of the MITOMED + project (Models of Integrated Tourism in the Mediterranean Plus), introduced the students to the project activities within which the activity of developing a sustainable beach management model “Green Beach” is planned. on the beaches in Rabac, Porec and Novigrad, while Sanja Dolenec, an assistant at the Faculty, emphasized that students are already preparing project assignments on sustainable tourism destination management and that these lectures will greatly benefit them in finalizing ideas and proposing innovative solutions for sustainable tourism development.At the Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies, two study programs are currently being conducted at the undergraduate and graduate levels, namely: Culture and Tourism and Italian Language and Literature. The specificity of the study of Italian language and literature is the complete teaching in Italian and as such the program is unique in the Republic of Croatia.Also, the Faculty announces two new study programs with an interdisciplinary structure, fully adapted to the modern needs of the labor market with an emphasis on language, intercultural and linguistic mediation, culture and tourism.</p>
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