Impostor trying to walk in the footsteps of Cheddi Jagan

first_imgDear Editor,I noticed Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, on his Facebook page, paying tribute to Cheddi Jagan on the occasion of his 22nd death anniversary. The showering of praises to Jagan and paying tribute to this late great leader of our country indeed is necessary for recognising the contributions Cheddi Jagan made to our people, our country and beyond.The Prime Minister has, on several occasions, referred to himself as a disciple of Jagan and that he dearly upholds what Cheddi Jagan stood for. Jagan, as many know, was a leader who never forgot where he came from and has always been a vocal proponent of uplifting the rights of not only the Guyanese people but the oppressed peoples of the world. He was known for putting people first and was not carried away by the trappings of high political office.But can we measure the Prime Minister, a self-professed devout follower of Cheddi Jagan, by the same yardstick? Let’s consider some of the PM’s actions. Nagamootoo, before he hardly warmed his prime ministerial chair, approved for himself and his cohorts a massive pay hike and substantial increases in perks. An Inews article of November 02, 2017, informed that the PM’s foreign travel bill between October 2015 and July 2017 – a span of 22 months – totalled over $19 million. Then the PM benefitted, according to a May 22, 2017, Demerara Waves article, from a $13 million luxury vehicle to travel about. Then how could the nation forget that prior to the Prime Minister moving into his official residence, it had to undergo a $29 million facelift? Then, we should not forget too that the PM found his predecessor’s office unfit for him and a place had to be found for him at the Ministry of the Presidency. Then the PM, according to February 01, 2017, Guyana Times will benefit from VAT exemptions on vehicles he imports.So while the PM may want to remind us about Jagan, he, at the same time, does not even stand in the shadow of what Jagan stood for and upheld in his lifetime. So while the PM rightly says “No one could impugn Cheddi’s honesty, his high ethical principles and selfless dedication to Guyana,” can the same really be said about Nagamootoo? Can the PM not see that he stands now exposed for the Guyanese people to see and his sweet melodies and charms have become impotent and his true charlatan-like demeanour is there for the world to see.Jagan was, undoubtedly, a great leader and is deserving of every encomium but the Prime Minister, on the other hand, is just a mere imposter trying to walk in footsteps he certainly cannot fill.Yours faithfully,Patricia Persaudlast_img read more