August 14 2017 Lastly we covered Ron Chandler he

first_imgAugust 14, 2017Lastly we covered Ron Chandler helping to excavate the flooring to install plumbing. Here, Scott Riley, Ivan Severi, and Fernanda Ayala Torres finalize the pipes installed below the level of the flooring. (Text by Shannon Mackenzie and photos by Sue Kirsch)Julie Quinn and Rachel Holderbach help fill concrete over the excavations and finished plumbing.Eli McAlister prepares a piece of the metal frame that will hold up the drywall.Here Ivan and Eli stand in front of a partially finished drywall frame while Fernanda measures another segment to be installed.Our famous electrical engineer, Dr. Sparks teaches workshop participants and the construction crew necessary information around the electrical panel.Fernanda stayed after her workshop and worked closely with Dr. Sparks on the electrical needs of the East Housing unit. Here she holds the excess wiring that will hide within a future wall in the kitchen.More to come.last_img read more