An ElectricityFree Lamp That Reflects The Suns Rays

first_imgThe sun is good for a lot of things, namely providing warmth and energy. But it’s easy to forget that it also produces light. But a new lamp created by Igland Design instead harnesses that light.Though, calling the Pure Sun a lamp might be a bit of a stretch. It features no electrical components, not even a light bulb. Instead, it’s a table with a piece of mirror inside, which can be angled to reflect the light of the sun, providing an instant light source. The catch is, since it’s completely electronic-free, all of the mirror tilting will need to be done by hand. It’s an interesting idea, though we’re not entirely sure just how useful it is. If it’s already sunny enough that you can reflect the sun’s rays, do you really need a light on? And what good is a lamp that you can’t use at night?Even if you are interested in the Pure Sun table, it doesn’t look like it’s currently available to purchase.Via Fast Companylast_img

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