Apple to cease Mac Pro shipments to Europe

first_imgMost consumers who want to own Apple devices only think about an iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, or iMac. But there is another Apple product that’s aimed at the professional or power home user: the Mac Pro. Prices start at a hefty $2,499, but in return your get a desktop machine with up to 12 cores and therefore a lot of performance.Unfortunately, Apple has neglected to update or promote the Mac Pro %displayPrice% at %seller% line for quite a while and they still rely on Intel’s Xeon processors. Now it seems even if you do want one, soon you won’t be able to across Europe.From March, Apple has announced it will no longer be offering the Mac Pro for sale across all countries within Europe. The reason is one of regulatory requirements. Apparently, Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950-1, Second Edition comes into effect on March 1 and the Mac Pro power supply and wiring does not come up to spec. So rather than updating the internals of the machine, which Apple clearly doesn’t want to do, it will instead stop offering it for sale.If you want a Mac Pro you will have to be quick. The existing stock will likely be sold until February 28, but after that Apple probably won’t be allowed to sell any that are left and will end up recycling them rather than shipping them back to the US. Who knows, we may even see a sale of the hardware to clear it nearer the end of the month.Apple’s failure to update the Mac Pro demonstrates the changing marketplace for consumers. People want Apple laptops or super thin all-in-one desktops like the new iMac. The market for performance desktops and servers, with Apple’s name on at least, has all but disappeared as far as the company are concerned.via 9to5Maclast_img

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