Off Beat Twin Towers slogan eerie in retrospect

first_imgNew York was a dream trip for a teenage country girl, as was a first ride on a commercial airplane.So in 1982, shortly after high school graduation, I jumped at the opportunity for a trip to New York. It was a chance to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, ride the subway, shop on Fifth Avenue, spend an afternoon in the American Museum of Natural History and, of course, take an elevator ride to the top of the World Trade Center. Nine years after the dedication of the Twin Towers in 1973, it was a typical touristy thing to do in a relatively innocent world. I picked up a Port Authority brochure advertising the World Trade Center as a tourist destination. It was a free addition to my souvenir collection.Then, as people often do with souvenirs, I tossed it in a box and forgot about it for nearly 30 years. Sometimes it pays to be a souvenir saver, and sometimes it becomes a little spooky — like when I found the brochure a couple of months ago. When I saw what the graphic designer had done with the brochure, I got chills.The photo on the front is a bird’s-eye view of the towers, with the rest of New York in the background. The slogan? “The closest some of us will ever get to heaven.”— Ruth Zschomler‘Um … um …’It was our son’s first day of first grade and we were nervous about sending him to school.last_img

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