Skyrim PS3 save bug renders game unplayable

first_imgAnyone who has purchased Skyrim for the PS3 should consider waiting for Bethesda to release a patch before getting too far into the game.Players are reporting that the game starts to demonstrate more and more lag as you make progress and log more hours playing. The lag can get so bad you have to stop playing to apply the temporary fix outlined below. It looks as though the issue is linked to the size of the save game stored on the PS3’s hard drive. As soon as it starts getting bigger than 5MB the lag kicks in.When your save game reaches that size is going to be dependent on what you do in the game and how fast you achieve it. Reports so far say the lag starts to happen around the 25 hour mark, so you can get quite far in before it becomes an issue.There is no permanent fix for the problem, but you can temporarily fix it by restarting your PS3. After that, you get around an hour of play before the lag returns.My one hope is that Bethesda can fix this without informing PS3 players that their previous save games will no longer be valid after the patch has been applied. I’m sure that won’t happen, but if you’re about to start playing maybe it’s worth considering and waiting for that patch first.Earlier today we reported that Bethesda had already confirmed more than 3.5 million copies of the game had been sold. Although we don’t know how many of those were on PS3, it’s got to be in the hundreds of thousands at the very least. With that in mind, I doubt Bethesda is hanging around getting a patch ready to go. It doesn’t want lots of angry gamers complaining on forums, or even worse, returning the game.via CVG and the Skyrim forumslast_img

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