Sony takes gaming to a deeper level with PlayStation Flow

first_imgNo, not the amoeba-riddled PlayStation 3 game flOw, but instead a new, immersive way to experience gaming. The PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology Group, or PWET, looked out into the vast, growing sea that is the wearable tech market, and decided to toss their own buoy into the ocean. As any self-respecting gamer should know, an underwater environment is oftentimes the archenemy of frustration-free gameplay. To fix that, Sony’s PWET division is taking gaming from the living room to the swimming pool.The PlayStation Flow gear amounts to a wearable tech version of swimming goggles and water wings. The goggles not only have a soothing, glowing PlayStation symbol on the side to signify that the unit is powered on, but also has waterproof in-ear headphones so you can drown out the sounds of the external world. The Flow goggles act as an underwater version of Project Morpheus — the name of which, when spoken aloud, fills the video’s presenter with noticeable joy — and the bicep and thigh water wings act as motion controls that translate your real-life movements to in-game input.When you arrive at a dreaded underwater area in a game, Sony instructs that you pause, pack up your Flow goggles and water wings, head to the nearest pool, and dive in. You’ll then be able to unpause the action, and your flawless breaststroke will become your character’s own. After you’re finished with the submerged digital environment, you’ll want to head right back to the couch and continue playing. Sony knows you don’t want to go through the whole process of showering and drying off, so they’ve also benevolently created the PlayStation Flow Body Dryer — resembling a bathroom scale — which speed-dries your body once you step onto the platform.If you really don’t want to schlep to a pool or just hate being wet, Sony assures that you can enjoy PS Flow in the comfort of your very own home — just lie across a couch, in a bathtub, pantomime around your kitchen, or head on over to the nearest Chuck E. Cheese’s and plant a flag in the ball pit.Or, look at the date, have a laugh, and get back to preparing for raid night with your buddies.last_img

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