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on Wednesday, It may be unsettling to think that negative cultural stereotypes about age could be having such a profound effect on how our brains age.” “There are cultural stresses,Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced his return to politics 2018 But Rowling, The National Weather Service issued an extreme wind warning for destructive winds gusts over 115 miles per hour for Saint John and Saint Thomas,it is talking about replacing an elected body with a nominated one" Several have registered strong resentment against the proposed bill and have predicted that if the bill is passed it shall be extremely detrimentalto the medical profession Dr Naresh a resident doctor at a famous government hospital in Delhi said: "If the provision of bridge course is not dropped completely it shall only promote and give legitimacy to quackery which shall pose a grave danger to the medical profession" However given the fact that the doctor-patient ration in India is extremely skewed it should be noted that ‘Limited Allopathy’ – a practice also utilised in the West – will only help in improving this imbalance In the GMC a counterpart of the MCI in the UK all members are appointed by the government Half of the GMC’s 12 members are doctors and the other six are non-doctors Health is an important subject and cannot be left to doctors alone Citizens must have a vital stake in the way the profession is conducted as well In the NMC of the 25 members 21 are doctors with key executive decision-making positions being reserved for doctors Therefore the role of doctors has not been diluted In fact this bill will rescue the regulatory body from the exclusive control of doctors According to an official at NITI Aayog "There is an apprehension that the proposed bridge course shall promote quackery But this will not happen as only those have been given license to practice ‘Limited Allopathy’ shall be allowed to practice There is a one-year imprisonment and Rs 5 lakh penalty for those violating this provision" This kind of practice is prevalent in most developed nations The cncept of a physician assistant (PA) is prevalent in America where after completing two years of training and a certifying exam a person becomes assistant to a doctor Similar concepts exist in China South Africa and Malaysia as well As per a John Hopkins-PHFI study primary health specialists are as effective as doctors in curing common diseases at primary health centers A senior officer of the health ministry said "problems are being created because of some vested interests (of doctors) who do not want to give up their dominance But the government is determined to pass the bill to help the people at large" A 2015 Price Waterhouse Coopers report estimated that India is short of three million doctors and about six million nurses It is now estimated that the shortage is now much higher Only sixty percent primary health centers have one doctor whereas seven percent have none It will take 50 years to clear the backlog if India continues to produce doctors at the current rate Indiahas an estimated 55000 MBBS seats The country needs to produce doctors at a much improved rate tomeet the scarcity Though the rapid expansion in colleges has not translated automatically into quality those institutions that did not invest in quality have now closed down or are facing closure We need to understand this while reducing regulatory barriers for entry of new medical colleges; but the premise that freedom to decide fee structure and allowing for-profit institutions will lead to rampant unethical practices is a flawed one The uniformly conducted final year exam to check the merit and quality of students should address this problem Congressional hearings can sometimes hide more than they reveal So it was yesterday when the research panel of the US House of Representatives science committee held its first public airing of a bill that would make some controversial changes to peer review at the National Science Foundation (NSF) One key change would require the NSF director to certify that every grant will achieve one or more of six national goals—including strengthening the US economy bolstering national defense increasing partnerships between academia and industry and training the next generation of scientists The director would also have to post a description of each pending award before it is made along with the names of the relevant program managers who made the decision A casual observer might easily have come away from the 95-minute hearing with the impression that such language drafted by the committee’s Republican majority is in line with current NSF policy The witnesses didn’t dwell on the language and Representative Larry Bucshon (R-IN) who chairs the subcommittee said that the proposed changes to NSF’s merit review system were “consistent with steps the NSF is already considering to improve accountability which have been approved by the National Science Board” That’s not exactly true says Dan Arvizu chairman of the 24-member board which sets policy for the $7 billion agency The presidentially appointed board has yet to review the 96-page bill Arvizu told ScienceInsider much less sign off on any of its provisions Arvizu explained that he and acting NSF Director Cora Marrett did meet in September with Bucshon and Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) who leads the full committee “We embraced the idea of transparency accountability and continuous improvement” says Arvizu adding that Smith told him those concepts were also guiding principles for the committee But Arvizu says that none of the specific language in the bill dubbed the FIRST (Frontiers in Innovation Research Science and Technology) Act was even discussed Two weeks ago when science lobbyists were given a 2-page description of the draft legislation committee staffers repeated the message that the science board supported the changes And after today’s briefing a senior aide said that the board had told Smith at the September meeting that it had adopted new guidelines that were consistent with the FIRST Act But Arvizu takes issue with that description What actually happened he says is that the board heard a presentation last month in closed session from Marrett and her aides about “NSF’s approach to implementing” the principles that had been discussed at the September meeting with Smith The board has asked NSF officials “to implement those principles independent of any legislation” the committee might adopt Arvizu added Although Arvizu declined to give details of NSF’s plan he said it consisted of reinforcing existing procedures at the agency “both before and after an award is made” Such steps are likely to include better documentation of how each award satisfies the agency’s two funding criteria—scientific merit and broader impacts—as well as a clearer description for the public of what the researcher hopes to accomplish A second false assumption from the hearing would be that the gentle criticism of those provisions from two former NSF senior officials means only minor tweaks are needed to satisfy the scientific community In reality the testimony of Richard Buckius vice president for research at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and Tim Killeen vice chancellor for research for the State University of New York (SUNY) system pointed to a fundamental misunderstanding in the bill of how NSF operates and more broadly the purpose of federally funded research Oddly enough Bucshon hinted at the first problem in his opening question to Buckius “Yes or no does the proposed FIRST bill have what you might call any congressional interference in the peer review mechanism for evaluating grants at NSF” he wondered A professor of mechanical engineering who led NSF’s engineering directorate for 3 years before going to Purdue in 2008 Buckius immediately asked for some wiggle room “Can I do yes and no” he replied But then he gamely plunged ahead “My first point is who would actually affirm the awards that go out” Buckius began “The bill says the director should But I don’t believe anyone is all-knowing enough to affirm the 11000+ awards made every year So I’d change that” Buckius then offered up a more substantive criticism suggesting that posting pending grant winners would spur widespread second-guessing of reviewers “The bill talks about the prior announcement of awards before they are made” he began “In some of our competitions we only fund a few out of a hundred proposals So that means there will be 90+ folks who prior to the award can energize the system and create chaos So the system could become extremely bogged down” After the hearing Killeen also amplified Buckius’s concerns about posting advance information about an award “It could lead to the worse type of grandstanding” he told ScienceInsider “with scientists making their case in public for why NSF should have funded their research It could become a real free-for-all” Arvizu was also disturbed by the provision “I don’t believe NSF has ever published information about an award before it was made” he said “I’m not even sure how that would work It certainly was not part of our discussion [with Smith]” For Killeen who served as head of NSF’s geosciences directorate for 4 years before joining SUNY in 2012 a bigger problem with the legislation is how it regards basic research “If I have a concern it’s mostly the message that this bill will send out to the world in fact As my testimony indicated I hope it’s a vibrant enthusiastic ‘let’s take on the 21st century’ United States can-do kind of [legislation] rather than one that seeks to find the constraints and stiffen the sinews My personal experience with NSF is that it is a magnificent national asset We don’t want to throttle it back” The list of goals in the legislation also troubles him “I do worry about every proposal having to conform to a specified set of criteria” Killeen said “That’s why I used the word vibrant in my testimony Scientific inquiry includes following leads that may not take you anywhere and setting out hypotheses But yes the overall portfolio should address all of those statements” What’s next Bucshon said in his opening remarks that “members and staff on both sides of the aisle are continuing to work on the final legislation” But he did not say when the subcommittee planned to mark up the bill and he handed off the gavel to Representative David Schweikert (R-AZ) and left before the hearing ended The status of the bill could be affected by a private sitdown next week between the science board and Smith which will take place during the board’s regular 2-day meeting at the foundation Arvizu said it would be a chance for the board and the science committee’s chairman “to understand one another for the board to say ‘Here’s what we are planning to do’ and to ensure him that we are moving in a productive manner to address his concerns” In a statement this morning Smith said that “I look forward to continued discussions with the National Science Board next week on this draft legislation and ways to boost R&D funding” The statementclarifies Bucshon’s comments byexplaining that the draft legislation “is consistent with the plan approved by the National Science Board that requires NSF staff to provide clear justifications for why grants are worthy of American taxpayer funds” structure the service and importantly.Police ask that anyone who spent time with Jasmine in the days leading up to her disappearance to contact them.

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on Tuesday in Abuja described the “Kim and Trump Summit, Ultimately, Marion O’Neill, Anyone can bring a complaint against a House member to the leader of either party’s caucus. Leaders must bring the complaint to the House Ethics Committee within seven days and the committee must hold a closed-door probable cause hearing within 30 days An outside lawyer or consultant will be hired to make a preliminary report? set begin on Wednesday. Semenitari also said she hoped the police would not violate its own rule by providing security for rival groups to hold political rallies in the state. “Many of your colleagues are intimately aware of our offerings, promising that it would be a “big hit” with the attendees. he also flayed the Opposition for allegedly violating the sanctity of the House with their "rowdy acts". with critical infrastructure nearby.

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Kwankwaso disclosed this yesterday in Kebbi, the police assumption is now that they have found the body of a solo gunman.

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