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they need to keep (re-)discovering the vices of the Congress and BJP in order to dump these parties and form a Third Front yet again. who was sitting in the trailer, the film focused on the lives of impoverished fishermen of East Pakistan. Afghanistan and Nepal,appropriate? Even DM and SP came to our village several times, he says Located about 65 km from Unnao district headquartersDondiya Kheda lacks basic facilities The only government primary school is situated 3 km away Nowa private school has come up in the premises of a temple constructed by Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh A wall painted in black is used as black-board No one offers puja there as all the idols are khandit (broken) It is good that the place is being used as a school But you people are showing temple on the TV as if we perform puja there? we’re always very aggressive. (Source: Reuters) Related News Music mogul Simon Cowell’s mansion was burgled in the early hours of the morning while he and his family were asleep. “I don’t think kids should be put through such a rigorous thing but I don’t even know if the reality shows we are talking about making them go through this.” he says.

I put forward these views quite frankly before my two counterparts from Russia and China, former chief minister Oommen Chandy on Friday said that he had not committed any crime."I have already rejected all the charges I am fully confident that I have not committed any crime" he said while deposing before a judicial commission probing charges in the solar panel scam allegedly linked to his staff In his second deposition before the commission headed by retired High Court judge Justice Sivarajan the senior Congress leader claimed that all the charges levelled against him were legally proved wrong "Many things which had been said targeting me (in the solar scam) have already been proved wrong legally as also in the minds of the public" he said during the cross-examination The commission had directed Chandy to be present for the cross-examination on Friday He was cross-examined by the commission in January last in Thiruvananthapuram when he was the Chief Minister Former CM of Kerala Oommen Chandy AFP During his deposition today Chandy maintained that he had not interfered in the police probe into the case when he was Chief Minister Noting that no changes were made in the police team probing the case by the newly formed LDF government which came to power seven months ago Chandy said this suggested that police had been carrying out a free and fair probe even during UDF rule "The new government has not expressed any doubts about the approach of the probe team (appointed by the then UDF government)" the former Chief Minister said "I have not interfered in any stage of the investigation In this case and other cases also I have never done so Free and fair investigation should be carried out in all investigations" he said On being asked whether he had received telephone calls from a lawyer representing main accused (in solar scam) Saritha S Nair during the peak of the controversy Chandy said he had not attended any of his calls The state government had appointed Justice Sivarajan to head the one-man commission on 23 October 2013 to probe the scam pertaining to alleged duping of investors by one Biju Radhakrishnan and his partner Saritha S Nair who allegedly collected crores of rupees for a solar power project The two had allegedly canvassed the business by using top-level names including that of Chandy While Saritha was granted bail after remaining behind bars for about nine months Radhakrishnan is still in jail in connection with the alleged murder of his wife Chandy also rejected allegations by his former gunman Salim Raj that solar scam prime accused Saritha S Nair and the former CM used to talk to each other using his mobile phones Deposing before the panel Salim Raj a controversial police officer who was part of Chandy’s security had alleged that a majority of calls from Saritha to his two phones were to talk to the then Chief Minister Chandy also rejected Saritha’s allegations that he had taken a bribe from her to set up solar projects and said he had not taken bribe from anyone in his 50-year-long public life During her deposition before the panel Saritha had alleged that she had paid a bribe of Rs 190 crore to Chandy through his personal aides to set up mega power projects in Kerala Written by Suanshu Khurana | Updated: April 6 2017 12:16 am As she learnt from her mother and other gurus Kishori Amonkar began to look for her own style where she put emotion first (Source: Express archive) Top News Kishori Amonkar doesn’t like interviews Apart from considering them a waste of time “because they take away important minutes from her daily riyaz and teaching” she doesn’t like to talk about her music with strangers So when one of the greatest classical vocalists of our times left us stranded outside her hotel suite in Delhi almost two months ago refusing an interview that was already fixed it wasn’t a surprise “I am tired now Tell her to come home if she wants to talk” she said from behind the door as her student Nandini Bedekar looked at us apologetically Home for Amonkar is a small apartment in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi To her surprise we are at her door a few months later She wasn’t expecting us to make the journey “I appreciate that you are here But I need to know how much you know about music before I answer your questions” says Amonkar She sits on an intricately carved wooden swing She sways in rhythm slowly The only overpowering image in the living room is hers A black-and-white photograph from almost a decade ago it covers an entire wall It is an image of her bent over her swarmandal and in a trance; the lines on her forehead prominent as she concentrates on her notes Now at the age of 84 there is a filigree of lines around her eyes and some on the face marks of age and wisdom Also Read | The sadhana of Kishori Amonkar Many leading classical artistes might count live performances as their biggest source of fame but Amonkar doesn’t seem to care for them She performs the way she wants to and when she wants to She refuses most performances abroad because she is “uncomfortable in that environment” The number of concerts she does in a year are few and far between When she does sing like at a recent concert in Delhi’s Nehru Park organised by Spicmacay it took her some time to find her bearings in the raga Many thought that it’s because of age that the raga eluded her; there are cracks in her voice and coughs that interrupt her But the truth is that it’s always taken Amonkar some time to get to her raga At every concert when Amonkar begins to sing she falters She courts failure as she tries various directions in an effort to find the right one And then just like that she leaves the effort behind and reaches the raga’s most sublime note In Delhi this October it was Bageshri one of her favourite ragas She delivered her sapat taans with lightning speed something Bedekar her senior student and Tejashree Amonkar her disciple and granddaughter couldn’t match “How she reaches the notes is as important as the notes themselves which is why she goes into a trance and takes us along Her music blends emotion and technique beautifully” says thumri exponent Girija Devi Amonkar represents the gold standard of musical genius in the country In Amol Palekar and Sandhya Gokhale’s documentary Bhinna Shadja on Amonkar tabla maestro Zakir Hussain says “She has sung ragas that are the most immortal renderings of those ragas Ever When you talk of Ustad Amir Khan’s Marwa in the same breath you talk of Kishoritai’s Bhoop There are these landmark performances that take place over hundreds of years and you will talk about them for the rest of your life and rest of the many centuries to come Her music is like a painting that embodies every detail of someone’s life There is great happiness great sadness great anger frustration the desperation It all comes concentrated in a little piece” Amonkar learnt music from her mother the legendary vocalist Mogubai Kurdikar of Ustad Alladiya Khan’s Jaipur Atrauli gharana Her musical training included honing a voice that travelled three octaves with much flourish as well as the capability to discover and deliver micro-notes (shrutis) in the tradition of the gharana High notes: Kishori Amonkar forbids any lights on her face during the concert “One cannot go into a trance then” (Express photo by Hemant Chawla) Conversing with Amonkar about her music is similar to the process of listening to her music She weaves her stories with the fancy of a khayal singer and takes you in many unexpected directions As prepared as we are with some knowledge of classical music and a set of questions she turns the tables She becomes the interviewer “Tell me what you know about music” she asks After grilling us for 30 minutes she appears to be relatively satisfied She begins to talk about the secrets of the swaras One has to understand that my music starts from a note and not from a raga It is the medium through which I express myself” says Amonkar “My question to the guard of my building isn’t if he knows a particular raga It is whether he liked my music For this I have to know everything about the medium How do these notes move It’s only when you understand the medium that you can surpass it For that you go to the beginning of the musical expression” says Amonkar Kurdikar was a gifted musician an exacting guru and a doting mother who lost her husband when Amonkar was only six She was left with three children to look after no money and a vast musical knowledge “My mother wouldn’t talk about music She would sing and I would repeat I would copy her without asking her anything Aai was so strict that she would sing the sthayi and antara only twice and not a third time I had to get every contour of the piece in those two instances That taught me concentration The guru needs to be this good You cannot have a guru who constantly wonders ‘When will my student sit on the stage and do a programme Will she go abroad’ That person can be a teacher not a guru” says Amonkar She goes on to explain the difference further with the analogy of practice and sadhana The former is about mugging things up “Sadhana makes you see one step ahead and move further You have to walk and run on your own The guru gives you strength to be able to do that If you don’t then you remain ordinary My mother made sure I wasn’t ordinary” says Amonkar Apart from training under her mother Amonkar learnt music from Anwar Hussain Khan of Agra gharana Anjanibai Malpekar of Bhendi Bazar gharana Sharadchandra Arolkar of Gwalior gharana and Goa’s stalwart Balkrishnabuwa Parwatkar Soon young Kishori’s reputation as a stage performer grew Kurdikar performed at a time when women singers weren’t respected much Amonkar remembers travelling overnight in third-class train compartments and falling asleep with her head on her mother’s shoulder She would accompany Kurdikar on the tanpura in the concerts She wells up as she recalls the way organisers would treat her mother speaking down to her paying her little and making her stay in someone’s home and not at a proper guesthouse She was denied the respect a classical musician desires and deserves “I saw this shoddy treatment of a legend like her It hurt me deeply But my mother had three children to bring up so she continued I decided that when I become a musician I would never allow any of this And I don’t I always stay in a proper hotel suite I make sure that I am provided with a car which is available at all times and that all the payments are made properly” she says As she learnt from her mother and other gurus Amonkar also began to look for her own style where she put emotion first She was trying to expand the gharana’s protocol of rhythm adornments and structure to include elements of other gharanas “There is nothing called a gharana There is only music It has been bound in these gharanas and that is like dividing music into specific castes One should not teach the students the limits of this art There are none But one has to understand the grammar Which is why one is taught the alankaar the ragas” says Amonkar In the 1960s and 1970s she began singing to larger audiences Her performances made their way into private music collections through cassettes and records But at the age of 25 Amonkar fell silent She lost her voice It was inexplicable Modern medicine or exercises nothing could treat her That was until she met a “saint” from Pune Sardeshmukh Maharaj who promised to give her back her voice through Ayurveda It took two years for her to regain her voice The solitude this hiatus offered allowed her to contemplate her music in great depth When she began to sing again Amonkar found it easier to break the rules and shape a style of her own This was unheard of in the musical circles “Right from the beginning I felt very lonely First because I had not known what my mother was teaching me Through that constant singing and learning I got a little glimpse into what’s known as a note From a note I could get a glimpse into the variation of those notes My mother would ask me about the difference between the ‘re’ (rishabh) of raga Shuddh Kalyan and the ‘re’ of raga Bhoop The note’s the same but the way it’s hit in both these ragas is slightly different So I had to look very deep within to find the answers” she says Indian classical singer Kishori Amonkar being felicitated at ‘Gaansaraswati Mahotsav’ at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch (Source: Express photo by Shivakumar Swamy) Amonkar discovered that in between the major notes lie the shruti which could evoke a gamut of emotions This is when ragas became living entities for her “When one reaches the raga’s most sublime note after delineating it with much love the raga should stand in front of you like a person It should be sung in a way that I see this person and you as an audience see it too I am a human being but I can experience the abstract through my music And that’s why you still listen to me” she says Her Meera and Kabir bhajans and the famous Sahela re — a bandish in raga Bhopali — have been known to offer such transcendent experiences But in the classical tradition losing the connection with one’s gharana to include other embellishments was blasphemy “People called me a rebel I don’t think I am one I am a vehement person and I speak the truth When you’ve experienced the sublime the abstract begins to acquire a form Then what the critics said did not matter It still does not matter” says Amonkar She emphasises that she is her biggest critic Tapes of her live performances play all the time in her house so that she can find faults and correct them Every Kishori Amonkar story is also about her impatience with the audience her legendary temper She has often been compared with her mother’s contemporary the iconic Kesarbai Kerkar an outspoken musician who was sometimes extremely rude to her audience Amonkar has famously refused to sing because she thought the audience was badly behaved She was once about to perform at the Gulmarg Golf Club in Kashmir where the audience included then Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah Someone began passing a platter of pears around Amonkar refused to sing further When an industrialist’s wife once ordered a paan during her performance Amonkar screamed “Am I a kothewali to you” From editors and politicians to industrialists and famous artistes many have faced Amonkar’s wrath during concerts At the Nehru Park concert the audience sat in a timid silence not moving in the aisles The soundcheck wasn’t going well Amonkar wasn’t happy with the microphones the sound the monitors the lights “This is a complete waste of my time” she shrieked Finally Rashmi Malik Chairperson of the Spicmacay Foundation had to step in “People say that I am arrogant and temperamental I just don’t understand why Have you ever seen me laugh at a concert talk to my audience I want to get involved and focus on the abstract I have to forget my body then For that I need my audience’s help not their interruptions People have to understand that music isn’t entertainment It is not to be sung to attract the audience Which is why I never play to the gallery The audience cannot disturb the loneliness of an artiste” says Amonkar who almost always sings in the dark and doesn’t allow bright lights on her face “One can’t go into a trance with those lights on your face” she says She also doesn’t allow anyone in the green room before the concert and refuses to recognise or acknowledge senior musicians and critics after it “I do not allow anyone in the green room because that’s where I am matching my raga with my tanpura I am not confident of the performance until that happens After the concert I am in a different zone I do not have the strength left to be with anyone” says Amonkar At the Nehru Park concert when she finally began she delivered a series of astonishingly complicated taans In her 80s she sings with more effort coughs a lot drinks more warm water gets irritated “What you get from my music now is what you didn’t get ages ago There is so much more thehraav (stillness) I know my track and I know my destination Whether I will reach there or not I don’t know but I will do this till I am alive” says Amonkar She has been awarded the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan for an exemplary career She says she does not need the Bharat Ratna “It’s been given to Sachin Tendulkar If that’s the decision the government has taken it’s better that they do not include me in the same category” says Amonkar Humility is considered one of the most important virtues in Indian classical music and to its musicians For Kishori Amonkar that deference is due to her music only She does not owe it to her audience nor to those who host her and not those who accompany her on stage The perfection of her khayal is how she transmits her heart’s stories Her sublime Meera and Kabir bhajans are capable of moving one to tenderness When someone like Amonkar sings and takes us closer to the abstract she should be allowed that loneliness she craves even a little arrogance For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Washington | Published: April 8 2015 6:08 pm Husbands with stressed wives are more likely to have increased blood pressure a new study suggests (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News Husbands with stressed wives are more likely to have increased blood pressure a new study suggests While studies have shown that stress and negative marital quality can influence mortality and blood pressure there has not been research that discussed how it might affect married couples over time researchers said Using systolic blood pressure as a gauge the new study assessed whether an individual’s blood pressure is influenced by their own as well as their partner’s reports of chronic stress and whether there are gender differences in these patterns The findings support previous research that asserts stress and relationship quality have both direct and moderating effects on the cardiovascular system The study also indicates that it is important to consider the couple as a whole rather than the individual when examining marriage and health The study found that husbands had increased blood pressure when wives reported greater stress and this link was exacerbated by negative spousal relationship quality Specifically looking at the effects of negative relationship quality researchers said that effects were not recognised when examining individuals but were found when examining interactions between both members of the couple “We were particularly excited about these findings because they show that the effects of stress and negative relationship quality are truly dyadic in nature” said lead author Kira S Birditt from the University of Michigan “An individuals’ physiology is closely linked with not only his or her own experiences but the experiences and perceptions of their spouses “We were particularly fascinated that husbands were more sensitive to wives’ stress than the reverse especially given all of the work indicating that wives are more affected by the marital tie “We speculate that this finding may result from husbands greater reliance on wives for support which may not be provided when wives are more stressed” Birditt said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: June 7 2012 6:33 pm Related News A huge cache of arms and explosives including ten grenades was seized as security forces busted two militant hideouts in separate operations in Kashmir Valleypolice and Army said today A police spokesman said a hideout was busted in Hanji- Lawaypora village in Budgam district of central Kashmir todayleading to the recovery of two Rocket Propelled Grenadesfour Chinese grenades and a pistol with a magazine and three rounds According to a defence spokesman troops busted a hideout in general area Point-3137 (MT-8023)20 km north-east of Srinagarlast week The recoveries included two AK-56 assault riflesfour grenadesfour AK magazinestwo radio sets and a large quantity of AK ammunitionhe said The spokesman said Seven Rashtriya Rifleswhich made the recoveryhas been instrumental in sanitising the area and limiting militant movement “The incident has limited the capacity of militants to carry out any action in the Valley and thwarted their maligned intentions to disrupt peace and tranquility” he added For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIndia’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that she looked forward to working with her counterparts from Russia and China in the fight against terrorism after she took up with the Chinese foreign minister the issue of Beijing vetoing New Delhi’s move in the UN to ban Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar Sushma Swaraj said in a media statement following the 14th Russia-India-China (RIC) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting that international terrorism remained the foremost threat to international peace and security? “I can’t hide how I feel, “It’s unbelievable! Only a hung Parliament with a weak coalition government could lead to an outcome where fiscal management and restructuring becomes difficult.The study clearly shows that poverty raises the risk of violence dramatically more for girls than boys. “Politics is a universal subject, It was an impressive recovery in stifling 28 degree heat, That too has been dealt with. 2012 5:04 am Related News While the city administration has repeatedly failed in its efforts to clean and revive Powai lake.

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