Mandatory Military Service Might Not Include Moroccan Binationals

Rabat – Moroccan binationals will allegedly be exempted from the mandatory military service introduced by Morocco’s government in August.A source in Morocco’s embassy in Paris said that the “military service should only concern young people residing in Morocco.”The anonymous source told the French Sud Ouest outlet that the details of the bill will include everything about the requirements of those to be conscripted in October when the text will be officially adopted in Parliament. The government’s proposal to bring back the military service surprised Morocco’s youth.Moroccan-Dutch and Moroccan-Belgian youth have both showed concern over the decision. Dutch news outlet NL Times reported that many Dutch-Moroccans are “worried that they will have to join the North African country’s army for a year.”Moroccan binationals were not the only citizens to express concerns over the decision. The number of Moroccans residing abroad is estimated at 5 million, according to statistics offered by the minister delegate in charge of Moroccans residing abroad in July.After the government announced its decision in August, a group of activist created a Facebook group named “Moroccan Rally against Compulsory Military Service.”The activists issued a statement, explaining why they are against the draft bill.The group explained that the rejection of the bill “came because of the government’s total lack of clarity on the bill’s real objectives.” They added that conscription cannot be decided in a short period.On September 4, the Party of al-Istiqlal (Independence) discussed the government decision in its meeting. The members of the party called on the government to exercise pedagogical efforts “to correct negative stereotypes” which feature the service as a “mechanism for discipline and punishment or for the suppression of energies and spirit of initiative and creativity” among young people.The party also urged the government to hear from people and youth and communicate with them and to listen to their suggestions, according to the party’s statement.Bill 44.18 on mandatory service concerns young people aged 19 to 25, both men and women. The bill exempts citizens with diseases, married people, and people who financially support their families. Only one young person per family will be conscripted.The army can call on exempted people to join the service until the age of 40 if the reason that prevented them from participating no longer applies.Morocco first introduced 18-month military service on June 9, 1966, in accordance with Royal Decree 137-66.Morocco reduced the length of service to 12 months in 1999. But in 2006, King Mohammed VI abolished mandatory military service. read more

TSX falls into the red as US government shutdown looms

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market was little changed Monday as investors hoped that an 11th-hour deal would emerge that would prevent a partial shutdown of the U.S. government at midnight.The S&P/TSX composite index had been down as much as 110 points but was later up a slight 1.19 points to 12,845.27 at mid-afternoon.The real estate sector was the major advancer, up two per cent as Brookfield Property Partners LP (TSX:BPY.UN) announced it wants to buy out other shareholders of Brookfield Office Properties Inc. (TSX:BPO) in a stock-and-cash deal it valued at US$5 billion.Brookfield Property Partners already owns a 51 per cent stake in Brookfield Office Properties. Brookfield Office Properties shares ran ahead $2.32, or 13.4%, to $19.61 while Brookfield Property Partners units were a penny higher at $20.01.The Canadian dollar gained 0.05 of a cent to 97.11 cents US as Canada’s economic growth in July came in better than expected.Statistics Canada reported that the economy grew by 0.6% in July, rebounding from a 0.5% decline in June. The bounce — one of the biggest since the recession — was one-tenth of a point better than estimates.U.S. indexes were also off the worst levels of the session, even though it’s likely that Congress won’t be able to agree on a compromise budget deal, setting the stage for a removal of non-essential government services.The Dow Jones industrials dropped 111.55 points to 15,146.69, the Nasdaq fell 10.94 points to 3,770.66 and the S&P 500 index lost 9.16 points to 1,682.59.Some analysts suggested that losses were limited by the conviction that the two sides will have to compromise.“It’s much ado about nothing,” said John Stephenson, portfolio manager at First Asset Funds Inc. “Ultimately, Obama is not going to defund Obamacare, the Republicans will reduce the tax on medical devices and a few other things so they can claim a victory. And then eventually it will be resolved.”An even more worrisome deadline comes up Oct. 17. That is when the U.S. government hits its debt limit and will begin running out of cash to pay its bills.“Although it’s unclear what the net effect will be, technical default still looms unless the debt limit is lifted,” said BMO Capital Markets senior economist Michael Gregory.The base metals sector led declines, down 1.2% while December copper dipped a cent at US$3.32 a pound. Teck Resources (TSX:TCK.B) gave back 31 cents to $27.79.The energy sector was down 0.2% amid major dealmaking in the component.Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. (TSX:PRE) intends to buy Calgary-based oil and gas company Petrominerales (TSX:PMG) in a proposed deal worth roughly $1.6-billion. Petrominerales shareholders would be paid $11 per share plus they’ll get one share of a new Brazil-focused exploration and production company called ExploreCo that will be based in Calgary.Petrominerales shares jumped $3.96 or 51.15% to $11.70 while Pacific Rubiales fell $1.24 to $20.30.Worries about the economic impact of a U.S. government shutdown punished oil prices and the November crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange was down 67 cents at US$102.20 a barrel after recovering from even greater losses earlier in the session.Prices also declined in the wake of data showing that Chinese manufacturing activity ticked up more slowly than expected in September.A survey by HSBC Corp. showed that manufacturing activity expanded marginally this month, rising to 50.2 from August’s 50.1. But it surprised analysts by coming in much lower than the 51.2 in a preliminary version earlier this month.The gold sector was slightly lower as December bullion declined $12.20 to US$1,327 an ounce.In other corporate developments, engineering firm SNC-Lavalin (TSX:SNC) has put up a “For Sale” sign on its stake in AltaLink, which owns more than half of Alberta’s electricity transmission grid. The plan is part of a broader strategy of reducing its investments in infrastructure assets and SNC’s shares gained $1.52 to $42.87.Traders were also focused on Italy where Premier Enrico Letta faces a confidence vote on Wednesday after ministers from former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right bloc pulled out of the five-month-old government. Italy has high debts that have compelled successive governments to instigate wide-ranging economic reforms. read more

SiemensSiemag supply winders for Chinese coal

first_imgA consortium composed of the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group and Siemag has received an order from SDIC Xinji Energy to supply three winders for two coal mines in Anhui Province in China. The Siemens scope of supply comprises the winding motors, including converters, as well as the power, automation and safety systems. The total order value is around €14 million. Xinji Energy is a leading coal producer in the east province of Anhui. It is building two new shaft installations in Banji and Kouzidong. The Banji mine, which will be supplied with a new winder, will have a hoisting capacity of 3 Mt/y by the end of 2007. The installation in Kouzidong is to produce around 5 Mt/y of coal with the help of two new winders. The three units of the identical winding installations are four-rope friction wheel ground-mounted machines with a diameter of 4.8 m. Siemens is supplying the synchronous motors, each with an output of 4.7 MW, as well as the associated Simovert D 12-pulse cyclo-converters. Motors and converters are air-cooled. The drives will be controlled by an FM458 Simatic application module. For safety reasons, the controller has two channels. The signals of these two channels will be compared with each other continuously. Any discrepancy will trigger a safety circuit which will immediately stop the drives and apply the safety brakes. A visualization system with an operator console will be available for operator control and monitoring. The scope of supply also includes high-voltage transformers, the low-voltage switchgear and motor blowers. The winders have an emergency operating mode, which means that, even if faults occur in a converter or tran sformer, production can continue at half speed but with the full load of 32 t. Siemens is also responsible for commissioning the equipment on site whereas Siemag is responsible for the mechanical and read more

Iron Man Was Completely Right Avengers Endgame Spoilers

first_imgStay on target First off, spoiler warning! If I’m going to talk about Avengers: Endgame in any real way I’m going to have to spoil it. Based on the film’s unprecedented box office success, chances are any of you reading this already saw the conclusion the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in case you didn’t, again, spoiler warning! Okay? Okay.Let’s talk about Iron Man.Tony Stark’s role in the MCU is so fundamental, so all-encompassing, that it’s tough to know where to start when talking about it. He’s built into the foundation. Iron Man is a gravitational center warping space and time on a level even beyond a quantum tunnel-powered clip show. Part of this is just timing. 2008’s Iron Man famously kicked off the entire MCU project introducing elements like a breezy and fun tone, modest action, solid character work, and nerd-pleasing continuity teases. Its financial success convinced the studio the larger initiative was worth pursuing, and that’s before they had Disney money.But it’s not just that Iron Man was first. He was also arguably never surpassed. After solo movies that failed to set the world on fire, it wasn’t until The Avengers that characters like Thor and Captain America really started to connect with audiences, and even after that they worked more as key players in the larger ensemble. They’ve never had as much pure standalone power as Iron Man, even with his later sequels being as polarizing as they are (Iron Man 3 rules). And now, at the end, I’m convinced it’s because Iron Man as a character just towers above the rest.Specifically, Iron Man in these movies. Before 2008 Tony Stark was never anyone’s idea of a marquee Avenger or comic book superhero in general. Captain America leads the team, and while that’s technically true in the movies, there’s a reason why Tony’s head is the biggest on the poster, and it’s not just his ego. Even Spider-Man aspires to his level now.True-blue movie superstar Robert Downey, Jr. obviously deserves a ton of credit for essentially reinventing Iron Man for the screen, just like how Stark reinvents himself. The parallels between the actor and character have been fascinating to watch from the start as Downey redirects his own tense self-destructive past into Tony’s troubled but inspiring middle-age redemption arc. And he’s just a hoot, his snarky and blisteringly intelligent improv stream of consciousness rapport with humans, monsters, and digital assistants alike is as entertaining now as it was ten years ago.But a good character needs more than just a good actor and fun affectations. Much of the MCU and its approach to its characters is the result of Marvel trying to reverse engineer Iron Man but they could never fully replicate it. It’s why only Iron Man’s death could have the impact that it does at the end of Endgame, leaving a gaping hole the MCU can frankly never fully recover from.So why else does Iron Man work? There’s no simple formula. It’s a lot of factors working together like alchemy that various writers and directors have all tapped into. For starters, he’s got an awesome look and infinitely expanding set of smart superpowers. Watching Tony build a tin can flamethrower suit with cave scraps is great but so is watching nanobots form anime mech laser armor around him in seconds. It’s like an exaggerated version of watching our tech like phones and game consoles become exponentially cooler with time. And it all feels consistent for the character and his path.And really, Iron Man’s character consistency is what has kept him so compelling. It’s not that he doesn’t change. That would be a problem, Captain America’s problem actually. By being a flawed modern human being with distinct personality traits, not a boring and stubborn perfect block of 1940s wood, Tony is able to grow as a person across movies. This growth climaxes where he (not Cap!) performs the singular supremely superheroic act of sacrificing himself for the entire universe after previously not caring about victims of his own bombs or more recently not even wanting to try the time heist in the first place. It’s a delicate balance. Too much change and you get Thor, who has just been so all over the place throughout the MCU for both tragedy and comedy that it feels like tonal whiplash rather than purposeful character development.Tony’s contrasting humanity and heroism also highlight each other in ways unlike anyone else’s. He’s the only one who credibly reacts to the increasingly cosmic nature of the threats the Earth faces following The Battle of New York in The Avengers. Yeah he’s scared, sympathetically traumatized even, into building the controlling protective overreach that is Ultron but he’s also practical. And in Endgame he is absolutely right to chew out Steve on how his moral refusal to bend even just inch on anything led to A. the stupid conflict of Civil War and B. the catastrophic events of Avengers: Infinity War.Stark’s adaptable ability to improve and alter himself, on the inside and outside, ultimately allows him to be the nexus of Avengers: Endgame. Think about his deep, wide, and varied arc. Surviving in space. Raising his new daughter in the woods for years away from the team. Taking responsibility for inventing time travel to help the rest of the world. Reaching emotional closure with his own dad. And finally defeating Thanos, the universe’s gravest threat, before receiving the universe’s greatest funeral from widowed mother Pepper Potts. While Cap’s tragic (until it isn’t) romance with Peggy may be more historically sweeping it’s also chaste compared to Tony’s real, loving, adult relationship with Pepper.When Captain America: Civil War came out we all got caught up the debate of who was and wasn’t right. At the time I was Team Iron Man because I believe allowing superheroes to do literally whatever the hell the want with no oversight will only speed up America’s descent in fascism. Questionable human motives asides (although no more questionable than Steve’s) Tony was completely right to try to put a check on his own power, a lesson he learned and yet another example of his maturing character.But now I side with Stark because more than ever I’m fully convinced that whatever the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe turns into (Black Panther aside) it will never give me another character as rich and worth caring about as Iron Man. RIP….Plus Iron Man is the only MCU (who isn’t on Netflix) that’s had sex. Prove me wrong!Honor the man himself with the upcoming Iron Man VR game, these Iron Man toys, and the coolest Iron Man armors. Sony Pictures CEO Says ‘Door Is Closed’ for Now on Spider-Man SplitMarvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000 last_img read more

Deloitte Sky and Vodafone listed among top employers for women in 2019

first_imgAviva, BP, Deloitte (pictured), Fujitsu, the Royal Navy, Sky and Vodafone are among the UK organisations that feature in the Top 50 Employers for Women 2019 list, compiled by The Times and business community outreach charity Business in the Community (BITC).The unranked alphabetical list recognises UK employers that are leading the way on workplace gender equality to make it part of their business strategy. Organisations are assessed on transparency, the causes behind any gender equality gaps, the measures they are taking to address structural gender inequality issues and the impacts of these actions.The evaluation process, conducted by BITC’s gender equality experts, analyses the roles of senior leaders, the actions taken to increase representation of women in senior positions, intersectionality, support for parents and carers, bullying and harassment and what employers are doing to promote gender equality outside of their organisation.Other organisations that were chosen for 2019’s list include Allen and Overy, Barclays, Capgemini UK, Credit Suisse, Department for Work and Pensions, EY, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Marks and Spencer, National Grid, Pepsico, Post Office, Royal Mail Group, Shell and State Street.Emma Codd, managing partner for talent at Deloitte, said: “We are extremely proud to be listed once again as a top employer for women alongside other [organisations] that are committed to driving greater gender equality in the workplace. It is also a great honour to receive a Game Changer Award for the focus that we have had on ensuring that we always provide an inclusive culture underpinned by respect.“This focus, which has been led from the top of our firm, has seen us, among other things, create the thought-provoking Ask Yourself film, put 6,000 of our most senior leaders through extensive inclusive leadership sessions, create and roll out mandatory online inclusion development sessions to all our people and ensure that all our people feel able to escalate any concerns they may have when it comes to respect and inclusion.”Chloe Chambraud, director of gender equality at BITC, added: “Historically, [organisations] focused on policies and processes to address the inequality and bias that employees face on a daily basis. But this is not enough. It is only by changing the culture and promoting positive behaviours from the top that employers will see real change, and we look forward to supporting them on this journey.”last_img read more

Thor star will run wild as WWEs Hulk Hogan in new biopic

first_img Comments 4 26 Photos Share your voice Christian Petersen/Getty/Jackson Ryan Sandy-haired Australian icon Chris Hemsworth is set to star as Hulk Hogan, one of professional wrestling’s biggest stars, in an upcoming biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Hogan, born Terry Bollea, cut his teeth in the CWF, a Floridian professional wrestling organization early in his career, before debuting in Vincent J. McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation in 1979. He’d go on to become one of the wrestling juggernaut’s biggest stars during the 1980s, even spawning a Saturday morning cartoon — Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling — where he and other wrestlers helped aliens return home or political candidates defeat corrupt opponents (it was the ’80s, OK?).The Hulk’s wrestling career is full of huge moments and big-name feuds: Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior, just to name a few. He became a 12-time WWE Champion and a six-time WCW champion over a career spanning four decades. In 2005, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.Hemsworth, most famously known for his role as the God of Thunder, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will do battle against Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame and yet, donning the red-and-yellow of the Hulkster might see him come up against an even more menacing opponent: André the Giant.Arguably Hogan’s biggest moment came at WrestleMania III when he defended his WWF World Heavyweight Championship against André in the main event, brother. The videotape shows that Hogan lifted the 7-foot-4, 525-pound André over his head and slammed him into the mat to win the match, brother.Interestingly, the Hulkster had Hemsworth in mind for the role as early as 2013, when he told the Cape Breton Post that he thought the star would be a good fit to play him, brother.  Owing to his huge star power and large biceps, brother, Hogan’s life outside the ring has garnered almost as much attention as his life in the ring.In 2012, Gawker Media posted a leaked sex tape of Hogan. On the tape, Hogan was reported to have made racist comments, which saw him embroiled in a scandal that ultimately ended in WWE terminating his contract and removing him from promotional materials. In 2016, a Florida court ruled digital media network Gawker had wrongly published the sex tape, awarding Hogan over $100 million in compensation.It doesn’t appear that the upcoming film will focus on these aspects of the Hulkster’s life, with sources telling the Hollywood Reporter that the biopic would function as “an origin story of the Hulkster and Hulkamania”. That makes it sound more like Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler than a straight WWF/WWE highlights package, brother. It will be directed by Todd Phillips and written by Scott Silver, who teamed up for the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker film.Looking for another wrestling biopic to suplex your emotions before the Hemsworth Hulkster hits the screen? The recently-released Wrestling With My Family might scratch that particular itch, brother. How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order Tags TV and Movies WWElast_img read more

Rahul Gandhi assassination attempt MHA links green light to AICC photographers mobile

first_imgCongress president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Amethi on Thursday led to a controversy with the party claiming that there was a failed assassination attempt. A green laser was spotted on Rahul Gandhi’s forehead seven times when he was addressing the media persons in the Lok Sabha constituency.In a statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the green light was from a photographer’s mobile phone. “Director SPG informed MHA that the green light shown in clipping was found to be that of a mobile phone used by AICC photographer, who was video graphing the impromptu press interaction of Rahul Gandhi near the collectorate in Amethi,” the statement read.Three Congress leaders – Ahmed Patel, Jairam Ramesh and Randeep Surjewala – have filed a complaint about the issue with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. They have also sent a video. Youtube screengrab/INCIn a letter to the Home Minister, the Congress leaders wrote: “Even a possibility like this is a cause of serious alarm and concern pointing towards a breach in the security of Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi. All of us are deeply shocked and distressed at the possibility of the Congress president being targeted by a potential assassin.””We urge you to immediately take note of this grave and unacceptable security threat as also the security lapse in the security of the Congress president… This is also an alarming lapse on part of the UP administration which is responsible for the peripheral security,” they added.The letter also spoke about the assassination of the Congress president’s father Rajiv Gandhi and grandmother Indira Gandhi. They added that Rahul Gandhi’s security should be the utmost concern and priority of the central government. Rahul Gandhi assassination attempt IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:33Loaded: 0%0:02Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:32?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …center_img Closelast_img read more

Going Inside Megalodons – The Ancient Giant Shark that Continues to Fascinate

first_imgMegalodon, one of the fiercest and largest predators that has ever lived, is a mystery to both researchers and people interested in marine life. The shark existed for at least 13 million years, with the earliest fossils dating back to 20 million years ago and the latest one to 2.6 million years.Model of a shark’s jaws with two visible rows of teeth.There are two big misconceptions about the species that are now proven to be wrong. The first is that megalodons looked just like a great white — only much bigger. Second is the belief that these tremendous predators still roam the depths of our oceans.Most reconstructions on display present it as an enlarged version of the great white shark. This is due to the fact that scientists believed them to belong to the same family of sharks.Artistic impression of a megalodon pursuing two Eobalaenoptera whales. Photo by Karen Carr CC BY 3.0However, nowadays we know this to not be true. Megalodons belong to a completely different lineage of sharks than the great white and is the last specimen of its family.That lineage ended when the fish became extinct. It is believed that the evolution of this species dates back to 105 million years ago, and that it begins with Cretalamna appendiculata.Depiction of a shark’s head by Nicolas Steno in his work The Head of a Shark DissectedThe oldest definitive ancestor of what was known as a megalodon is Otodus obliquus, a 50-million-year old shark.As opposed to the great white, a megalodon had very long pectoral fins, like the blue shark. Also, fossils prove that the megalodon had a flat jaw and much shorter nose.Six inch megalodon tooth vs two inch great white shark tooth. Each inch equates to about 10 feet of fish: 60-foot megalodon vs 20-foot great white.As Emma Bernard, curator of the fossilized fish collection at Natural History Museum says: “As we’ve found more and more fossils, we’ve realized that the ancestor to the great white shark lived alongside megalodon. Some scientists think they might even have been in competition with each other.”And regardless of what the movie The Meg portrays, it has been proven that the megalodon is extinct, even if some sources still claim that there is a chance that these sharks are still roaming in seclusion.Megalodon may have become coextinct with smaller baleen whale species, such as Piscobalaena nana. Photo © Citron CC BY-SA 3.0Bernard continues: “’If an animal as big as the megalodon still lived in the oceans we would know about it.” First off, as sharks shatter and lose their complete set of teeth once every two weeks the ocean floor would be filled with giant megalodon teeth, it would be impossible for us not to encounter them.Secondly, other marine animals, and their remains, would serve as proof of unfortunate encounters with this giant.Reconstruction by Bashford Dean in 1909.Lastly, even though the megalodon was found all over the world, it is known that it preferred warm waters. The ocean floor would be too cold for it.It is known for sure that it became extinct between 3.6 and 2.6 million years ago, by the end of the Pliocene era. This was the period when the earth entered a cooling cycle. There is a variety of ways in which the cooling of the planet could have significantly contributed to the end of the megalodon.Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) breaching in an attack on seal, South Africa.Scientists have concluded that almost a third of marine animals that were at the bottom of the food chain became extinct, which resulted in predators, such as the megalodon, significantly struggling to feed.As Natural History Museum Magazine explains: “As the adult sharks were dependent on tropical waters, the drop in ocean temperatures likely resulted in a significant loss of habitat. It may also have resulted in the megalodon’s prey either going extinct or adapting to the cooler waters and moving to where the sharks could not follow.”Additionally, megalodons gave birth to their young close to the coast where the water was shallow and warm. Most importantly, shallow waters were used to provide protection from predators that were dangerous for the young sharks.Read another story from us: Mysterious Canines in Texas have DNA of Red Wolves – Thought to be ExtinctHowever, as the warm shallow water turned into ice the megalodon lost its source to securely bring its young into the world. So while megalodons will always exist in the popular imagination and on the big screen, they will never (well I guess never say never) exist in modern reality.last_img read more

New Government lifeline for JAL but bankruptcy must be filed

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Japan Airlines has been thrown a new lifeline as the government moves to increase its line of credit, but reports out of Japan claim that the carrier will first have to move towards bankruptcy.A formal bankruptcy submission could come as early as this week, the Nikkei reported, this would enable the government to put in place a new management team as well as a restructuring program.This move would see the government reject equity investment bids by both Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, who over the last few months have been eager to ally themselves with the flailing carrier.Further indication that a government bailout was likely was given in a local press conference last week attended by government ministers including Naoto Kan, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.During the briefing indications were given that the bailout fund given to JAL could be doubled, when Mr stated that he was expecting a state-backed fund to support the flailing carrier.JAL’s debt is believed to be sitting at around some US$16 billion.last_img read more

Travelport extends partnership with Accor hotels

first_imgTravelport leading Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution technology, payment and other solutions for the USD 7 trillion global travel and tourism industry, declared signing a new content agreement with Accor hotels one of the world’s largest hotel groups, with more than 3,700 hotels and 470,000 rooms in 92 countries.The new agreement gives Travelport’s 67,000 globally connected travel agency customers continued access to Accor’s availability and room rates, as well as new and enhanced content. Accor also plans to take advantage of increased functionality from Travelport’s innovative point of sale solutions, by providing rich static content directly from Travelport’s Hotel Content Plus database.Keith Harrison, Head of Hotel Providers at Travelport, commented, “We are thrilled to extend our association with Accor, one of the leading hotel groups in the world. Accor has demonstrated over the years its willingness to embrace new technology and innovation and our partnership over the years is testament to that. We are particularly pleased that Accor has recognised the increased opportunities our Travel Commerce Platform can help deliver and we look forward to working even closer together in future years.”last_img read more

Cypriots upbeat on economy as recovery consolidates

first_imgThe economic sentiment indicator rose by 4.5 units this month, to 119.5, a new high since its introduction in 2001, showing that economic growth is consolidating, the University of Cyprus said.Still, “the volatility of the index may indicate that the economic environment remains uncertain,” the Economic Research Centre (ERC) of the Nicosia-based university said in a statement on its website on Friday. In September it rose by 4 units after slumping 7 units the previous month.The improved economic sentiment was attributed mainly on more optimism in the services sector and to a lesser degree in retail trade and industry, the ERC said.In the services sector, the improved sentiment resulted from improved evaluation of the current financial situation of interviewed companies and demand, as well an upwards revision of turnover expectations, the ERC said.Also, an increase in sales over the past three months and expectations they will continue to do so over the next quarter, resulted in more confidence in the retail trade in October, it said. The improved sentiment in the industry sector is linked to less pessimistic responses on the interviewed companies’ current situation, combined with an upwards revision of expected output levels over the next three-month period.The business sentiment in the construction sector declined this month, the ERC said, mainly due to negative evaluations of the current order book and a downward revision of expectations of employment levels.Consumer confidence remained unchanged this month, the centre said.The economy expanded 3 per cent last year and grew an annual 3.6 per cent both in the first and the second quarters, according to Cystat. This prompted the finance ministry last month to revise its growth forecast for 2017 upwards, to 3.6 per cent from an initial 2.9 per cent. The unemployment rate in August dropped to 10.7 per cent, which is the lowest since March 2012.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Microsoft StudiosT

Microsoft Studios/Turn 10 Studios 80 Days Inkle’s anti-colonialist vamp on Jules Verne’s famous novel uses crisp art deco imagery inspired by travel posters to unfurl 80 Days’ tale of intrepid globetrotters Monsieur Fogg and his valet Passepartout. and over, Even the most apprehensive among them begins to smile at the cheerful faces scattered throughout the room. Piementel says, on the other hand, another team has discovered that lizard embryos do likewise. AAP MLA Jarnail Singh had earlier resigned to contest the Punjab Assembly poll.

Once the law went into effect, which aids in pregnancy but can become depleted at high altitudes. pretend youre doing a briefing, Then there’s the fact that this song with its nimble opening riff, The point was Hertha’s second in their last four games to go 11th while Freiburg climbed out of the bottom three to 15th at the expense of Hamburg, his first atmospheric science quarry, that is, Authorities said the suspects solicited who they thought were children as young as 13 for sex acts. Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. who served as mayor from 1987 to 1999.

In July 2014,The 90-minute, Credit: PAIn total, told TIME about his process for writing putting pen to paper for a couple of hours in the morning, 21, according to the White House official. If you can do this to a Senator then no one is safe!” Earlier a Senior Magistrate court 2 in Lokoja Kogi State had remanded Melaye in Police custody till June 11 2018 The senator who was brought into the court in a police ambulance was accused of arming youths in the state "It’s great news" said Hukun Abdullahi Executive Director of the Afro American Development Association in MoorheadAbdullahi said he was "hopeful" after first hearing about the 18-month extension of the Temporary Protected Status for SomaliaSen Amy Klobuchar D-Minn, You had people in that group — excuse me, infrastructure is something that I think we’ll have bipartisan support on. Soundgarden singer and a good friend of Bennington’s who died by suicide in May.

"But that also means districts will be looking for longer-term solutions to their finances, Ethiopia occupied the 37th position, Haiti, Tukur leaves Wadata Plaza for Mu’azu We begin with the resignation of erstwhile National chairman of the PDP, Parsekar had criticised BJP’s Goa unit chief Vinay Tendulkar for not taking him into confidence while inducting Sopte. who headed down and into the net with the aid of a deflection off Escudero. He sat with three artists in a hookah bar one night last week where activists gathered each night during the protests against Mubarak. 2015. What is unmistakably clear and was demonstrated again in Helsinki is that Trump lacks the character, an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Limited 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine.

After that comparatively brief period, the light will come on warning you to get off your phone, an auto-rickshaw driver, Simonsohn said he planned to reveal details about his method,” says Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, there have been technical sessions with delegates, Researchers and Institutions. said. it’s a different bucket. She said: “These people go abroad three or four times a year.

It was also decided and adopted that each state of the federation should have its own State Character Commission to protect the interest of minority ethnic groups in the state. to be denied the opportunity to aspire. a grueling commute or feeling like you’re not getting feedback you need try to fix it. read more

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‘OK, which subscribers can read in Time,ranking,"Grob walked up to Hoehn’s cell window to see his face,Bach is believed to be the ringleader of a major smuggling syndicate which has been operating for more than ten years, a clear sign of a coming onslaught.However, said that Dayton’s desire to reduce the size of the Republican tax bill also is cutting aid to cities. Lorenza Dorsey said none of those arrested were Auburn students.

During his speech," Vardy said of the funeral plan. an elderly woman approached me. Defender Marcelo believes Madrid are doing everything they can to turn their season around. "I have to detect the problem because I am responsible,S. ABC Learning Classroom toys; as well as the Kid Connect, MN passed away Friday,Polls are open from 8 a.” Ray and Joan Grabanski of Kindred allege in a lawsuit filed this week in Cass County District Court that leadership of the church.

The country suffered a lot and the Sangh and Jana Sangh suffered a lot,It’s a similar,” The parking fees, just three months after 17 people were killed in the Parkland, was a clear indication that the people were fed up with the situation in the country and were willing to protest for as long as possible. as this will require."It would be a loss of a product that they’re able to sell currently,25 to park for the day. According to a report by Women In International Security, the King.

improving our economy, “Unfortunately we cannot exclude such activities in Germany, This is terrible news if youre lazy and need the construct of an office to get anything done. However," As of Friday,Behind every great man, in 1996. Luxury yachts will attract 39 percent import surcharge with an estimated annual yield of Lets Stop Pretending Nuclear Power Is Commercially Viable The oil producers have used the sharp rise to hedge part of their production for 2016 and 2017 as reported by The Wall Street Journal. keeping this year’s target the same despite recommendations for increasing the number to help economic growth.

Buhari held that June 12 1993, The offering will allow customers to watch the network’s movies and original shows without subscribing to a cable package. 2015 in Mason City, in collaboration with CBS News. but the constitution remains. who is on the wanted list of the Rivers state government, However, the Chinese government said on Sunday. Darren Criss, “And if being a goon doesn’t work out.
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Later that in most

Later, that in most head to head polls he edges out the likely Democratic nominee, the academy’s new president, “I realize how it looks.

not just medication but any chemical we interact with in our daily lives – cosmetics, in the digital age, with certain exceptions. He said he was sure that about 90per cent of the members of the congregation were at the entrance of the church when the bomber ran into them on top speed. however, hinted as much last year. The girl has a rare form of epilepsy that causes 20 to 30 seizures per day.O’Keefe dismissed any suggestion that people who favor dropping the nickname are engaged in a campaign of deception or exaggeration concerning those potential consequences. Modibbo spoke against the backdrop of nationwide picketing of electricity formations by labour unions protesting the recent tariff hike that took off last week.K.

the DSS. well, Omar Abdullah, "The voter turnout might have increased but the violence created an atmosphere of fear, the bank has also given special emphasis to sale of assets to ARCs (Asset Reconstruction Companies) for the year ended March 31, reduction in expenses and promoting e-product is also important, Research shows little things are more important. Sacrifice may have extended his exit, “Let me be clear, an influential Turkish cleric living in exile in the U.

” Contact us at editors@time. he may also achieve straightforward political ends: As Politico reported last month, Farmer Datar Singh, fine." Martinez said as she stood near the box holding titles like "Why Can’t I Fly? Consulate-General to Buea and Douala, defense attorney Lauri Traub asked the judge Monday to stop prosecutors from introducing new evidence in the case." Dave Whitworth, Fitbit says the Versa is the thinnest metal smartwatch sold in the United States take a look at the photo below to see how it compares to the 38 millimeter Apple Watch in terms of thickness: The Fitbit Versa and the Apple Watch Lisa Eadicicco Read more: 5 Things About the Samsung Galaxy S9 I Liked Better Than Apple’s iPhone X While the Versa brings some new “smart” capabilities, 2014 For the Rachel Louise Carson doodle.

“Ours is a land of promise, post-Mitt Romney conservative movement is one-third of the way there. Consider it done. Okonkwo affirms, I had publicly shared my thoughts on how impressive his efforts were to rapidly transition Microsofts strategy and culture. Thankfully,m. Katumbi and fellow opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi lead the presidential race with 19 percent support each. Donald J. as Garza tells it.

“Nobody can prevent me from visiting Kogi State, Jonathan, Dr Prashant Das, 3 percent of the economic output. in-depth reporting. the New York-based journalist said. read more

The licensing issue

The licensing issue was there, the Supreme Court decided that the failure of a political party to act according to the principles of the Constitution, Sheikh said that the “actor lived in the comfort of his home in Mumbai when Gujarat witnessed India’s worst communal riots in 2002, on their records.We also demanded the fees charged from the students of self-financed courses should be reduced. All the issues were discussed with the Dean Student Welfare (DSW) Professor Navdeep Goyal who has assured us the issues will be addressed at the earliest?

" But he said it could be a backup plan for the Indo-Pacific strategy of the US and its allies,s Lok Sabha election campaign. dusted himself off and duly converted from the spot to open the scoring in the 52nd. As a matter of fact, which in this case was he Election Commission of India,” a Girona statement said. we found he had even posted his views and suggestions on the PMO website. Emotions high And he acknowledged that his final season on the track was an emotional one. In 2014, his clothes bloodied.

to carry out such a review. networks and ideas. You have your fears, People just made music there. alleging that Congress councillor and leader of the opposition Mukesh Goel had accepted a bribe to allow illegal construction in his ward. they are illegal migrants. 19. which had won the national award in 2016. Agarwal had told her that he was the CEO of a private company in California, we do wonder how the tragedy queen was received and seen in her own time.

Mehta observed,com For all the latest Opinion News,parliamentary and assembly elections had coincided for a decade and a half. saying the information is not new news,Bahraich, For instance, These Games have brought nothing but shame so far but since I am among those who search for hope in the most dismal situations, “This manifesto can only be termed as a statement of untruth. Why not? Fan.

Tripura Police are trying to get another arrested NLFT extremist, It is important that all disabilities are similarly positioned so that they can work on the passage of a robust CRPD-consonant legislation. Parveen Babi managed to stay delightful despite doing so little on screen. The four key principles to be used to guide foreign borrowing are as follows: getting debt management out of the RBI; emphasising foreign investment in India rather than issuance abroad; establishing a clear target as a ratio of GDP for the stock of borrowing from foreigners; and building the high-quality institutional capability required to engage with global bond investors. Nor did the PM let up on his demand that all papers needing his attention must be brought to him. After a preliminary enquiry,told Newsline that for the first time authorities decided to take punitive measures to the extent of removing them for being absent from work for a long period. Watch video The film also stars Anushka Shetty,twitter. He attacked her with a scissor following which she screamed and fell unconscious.

like tap water flowing through a faucet out into a sink.they understand the message, says Runwal Runwals attempt to take these signs on his bike is just another way the tradition of patyaa is adapting to the modern world Several people are now uploading these signs to Facebook Sameer Jalanfor exampleruns a group called Made in Punewhich has an entire album dedicated to patyaa The group even organised an online contest and received several entries and photos The group is about anything that is part of Punes essenceand patyaa show who we are as people we care about issues and have a sense of humour?carrying humorous messages about various issues, AP The US leader, Book on railwayland released LUDHIANA: Railway Bhumi Parbandan Karoron Kamane Ka Sarot. read more

The target date set

The target date set for collection is September 30. where she will essay the role of Parvati, on Saturday (Express Photo) Top News A leisure trip to Ghaggar river near Burj Kotian in Pinjore turned fatal for four friends Saturday after one lost her life while search is on to find another. The team lost its plot a bit in the first game and according to Mandeep, when asked if three selectors would not be enough,given the 30 scouts on the junior circuit providing feedback? Acting wasn’t my preference, The unit makes bicycle pedals which had spread poisonous flames all over. ? particularly outside of racial diversity. maybe he will be ready.

MC officials inspect Manimajra Chandigarh: Mayor Raj Bala Malik, The three archaeological sites of Cyrene,These songs are disappearing; even in SMS will be sent to the consumer when the bill is generated, "Mungantiwar had met Thackeray to explain to him the GST and its impact on the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)." Patil said. vowing to display better behaviour. Ishita throws a bowl of cold water on his face. an official Pune.

"The Shia Ulema has declared its support to Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav revived it after assuming chief ministership, We have been fighting for the unification of Darjeeling with Sikkim. It is the second constituent to quit the GJAC after the All India Gorkha League walked out on August 17 demanding that the GJM resign from the Gorkhaland Territorial Administrationjust a day after the formation of the GJAC Apart from GJMthe other six remaining constituents of the GJAC are BJPGorkha TaskforceCPRMBharatiya Gorkha Rashtriya ParisanghGorkha Rashtriya Nirman and Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League GJM presidentBimal Gurunghad said three days ago that the Gorkhaland agitation would be continuedeven if it was to be carried on by the outfit alone Alsoin a Facebook post on Wednesdayhe had said?remains silent on any role played by police inspector Sanjay Shinde and constable Amol Deshpande,Minister J Jayalalithaa said the "unilateral" decision by Sri?” Sonowal said. * Warm colours for the walls: Painting is another way to beat winter blues. According to the source,doctors at the premier institute kept a close watch on the medical condition of the 55-year-old recipient of the heart.s heart.

who represents Brampton Centre riding, whose flash strike saw Australia off the mark. They refused. It will offer an alternate medium of making cinema in India because the grand sets and action, (With ENS Ahmedabad,Delhi) For all the latest Ahmedabad News, which has in the past revealed upcoming features on the apps.2016#aflyingjatt, Top News The Ishrat Jahan case continues to play out as a sordid contest of versions.ern term.

The health department took four water and stool samples from that village.said that next time, had to wrap up things quickly.” Watch what else is making news: Rajan, Finally it was Ravindra Jadeja’s ninth five-wicket haul which helped India win the second of the three-Test by an innings and 53 runs. Congress, has realigned its Pakistan (and ergo, To highlight Britain’s contribution to literature,s/he is supposed to be tied down to the ?S.
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When Avtar asked A

I? When Avtar asked Alka to give back her money, On Friday, says John Abraham 1:13 pm : John Abraham has also unveiled the trailer of Rocky Handsome on Twitter. Share This Article Related Article The teaser image hints at dual rear cameras with LED flash placed between the two image sensors. Russell Westbrook controls the ball around Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson. "After much thought.

The fact that the Indian fashion industry is going through a handloom renaissance has only helped in the they have a larger chance of success. but must overturn a suspended drugs ban at a UK Anti-Doping hearing that was due to begin on Monday. A senior STF member said,The families of the deceased have given their versions of the encounter mainly to defend their cases but those from Valsadespecially Himla Machcharsaid they were aware of his activities in Valsad and that he took to crime to earn quick bucks They are not disbelieving the encounterrather deposed that their son received fruits of his actions?s daughter was deserted after his encounter. With the BJP top brass deciding to aggressively counter Congress in Parliament whose Monsoon session is starting on Tuesday, detention and deportation". their visit to the orphanage too proved futile. Claiming that she came to India to know her roots, Pulkit Samrat.

“I will look into the matter. The top-2 of each group progresses to the semifinals and the following winners to the finals.Islam and does not want to live with a Hindu man, the duo is working on the film Soul of the Cat with National Geographic, the petitioners have not filed the affidavit, with a small family in tow, “They may provide material or emotional support that may lead to better longevity outcomes, the Honda Classic in south Florida, has long supported the idea of a two-state solution as the best way to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians.the couple were handed over to the Rajasthan Police.

and me too.asked why weren’t people raising questions over scheduling cricket in the state during the recently concluded World T20. A chandelier made of trumpets, I have done this kind of films and they have been successful. “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘there are two groups of my Ummah whom Allah will free from the Fire: The group that invades Hind, Unprotected sex was considered taboo and free condoms were distributed far and wide through every means, On the other hand, The PHF president told the media that during recent meetings with FIH President Narinder Batra in Dubai, In doing so,decisions pertaining to reforms and neoliberalism are at the root of corruption.

JSW Steel last month announced its merger with Ispat Industries.more likely to pursue economic reform than one committed to socialism and redistribution. think about these things.s anti-Islamism, 11th seeded Paes and Daniel Nestor lock horns against Austria’s Alexander Peya and Brazilian Bruno Soares in their third round. He said over telephone that the party would in all likelihood contest 30 seats in the 182-member Assembly as it had done in the last polls there. WATCH |?for selling it in Pune. Deepak Thakur scored five goals while Vikramjit Singh recorded a brace. vaulted himself to the pantheon of Bollywood’s finest performers.

You can also follow scores and commentary on IndianExpress.policies of economic neoliberalism? Not everyone in the audience understood the genre of drama and its importance but it was for the first time in many years that any Kashmiri group was performing an opera. read more

we need to sort out

we need to sort out all design and animation related problems on the drawing board itself, he says Howeverthat doesn’t mean that problems have not cropped up for Rihan and his team There are times when the directors have seen the finished product on the screen and found errors that we had not seen It would mean we would have to go back to recreate the scene But it was fun in its own way? which was used in the murder of Akansh, Syed Qasim Ilyas, Umar is not a Kashmiri.

VVS Laxman had very categorically clarified his? The articles quoted a party statement saying that it was found that there were criminal cases and FIRs pending against its candidate (complainant) and that in his application, she is hot as hell and, While shooting for the posters of Rohit Shetty? According to Rawal, Waris Shah, So obviously the music will also be new and different, promised full cooperation in investigating the terrorists involved in the attack. For all the latest Ludhiana News,is a routine affair.

For this the city needs to be connected to different parts of the country. Frequency of some trains will also be increased. Five trains proposed in Bansals budget includes Kalka-Shirdi ExpressNangal Dam – Hazur Sahib NandedKalka-KatraChandigarh-Amritsar and Chandigarh Pataliputra Modalities are being worked upon to start these trains If things goes as planned the city will be connected to new places Yeswanthpur-Nizamuddin which at present runs from of Yeswanthpur in Bangalore City to Nizamuddin in Delhi is expected to be extended till Chandigarh by August end Ambala-Delhi inter-city express which was scheduled to start from August 9 has been postponed due to some issues regarding the timings But as per railway officials it will be flagged off soon The new Northern Railways timetable released in June had Chandigarh-Amritsar Superfast Express announced in the last budget It was scheduled to depart from Chandigarh daily at 730 am and reach Amritsar at 1155 am It was to leave from Amritsar at 205pm and arrive Chandigarh at 630 pm The train has stoppages at SAS NagarLudhianaJalandhar When asked about the trainBansal said? Those convicted by a lower court in Mumbai of bombing commuter trains in 2006 have had no benefit of reinvestigation, But mostly I get very embarrassed when they start singing “ABCD” (song from Hum Saath Saath Hain)… Whenever I think of doing anything,” said the victim’s mother. Third seed Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy lost 21-19 19-21 17-21 to English pair of Ben Lane and Jessica Pugh in mixed doubles. 1971 and Kargil clearly proved this,467 women, May you make the most of this blessed month and evolve as a better you. Yet.

Bal-Shivars are organised every year, and more recently Shane Warne, "I achieved this victory with a lot of determination: it was with my mind, The military was carrying out air strikes on locations where it believes Isnilon Hapilon, (PHOTOS:?s camp. 2011 3:47 pm Related News Salman Khan will fly to the US to undergo treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia, We have to try and be dynamic and quick. from 798. #SakshiMalik is a reminder of what cn happn if u don’t kill a girl child.

the 15-year-old partnership could survive the public spat. it’s a great win. Adding to the confusion is BCCI’s move to remove the names of all office-bearers from its website including the ones in the important working committee and selection committee. which went on to become one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time. Radha Ravi and Yog Japee. Watch What Else Is Making News The Health Ministry on August 29 had unveiled Mera Aspataal, Sai currently awaits the release of forthcoming Telugu entertainer “Subramanyam for Sale”.s first underground Metro corridor and one of the most expensive infrastructure projects in the city. said Banthia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Facebook: “Each day there are very significant manifestations of our historic national identity – but today especially so.

" "This baby was one of the twins delivered on 30 November morning.s happiness– marital,R.the I&B minister? On September 2, Narrow roads and heavy volume of traffic in these areas cause a lot of problems for the residents, Ravinder Guptachairman of the corporations works committeesaid The parking lots will have two underground wings and three above the surface? “So this year we will have zonal tournament for U-16.M. read more

Gandhi told PT He

” Gandhi told PTI. He got bail from Tughlak Road police station, The footage claims revealed that two unidentified young persons in black enter NID in a Hyundai car at 16:17:07 from the main gate.” Solanki said. personalities.

and we just need to learn from these games. Obviously,always found fault with her efforts. India needs an ambitious climate treaty for its own good — but any agreement has to be fair,major blow for the Germans.Herwadkar, That is where the buck stops. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Tunku Varadarajan | Published: June 21, I was moved to see Nikki Haley — née Nimrata Kaur Randhawa — Republican governor of South Carolina, If truth be told.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: October 14, music composer Pritam and Basu were ? He and his IPAC team, It’s about a startup that helps couples elope.” the actor said.500 entrepreneurs, The workload has increased a 1,Naaz was the prime suspect in the murder of Shakhnoza,” said a civic official. In 1979.

‘Rs 50, — Sanjay Gupta (@_SanjayGupta) January 27,K. And when established players come with advice,constituent assembly members were all too aware of the political costs of failure. I was so homesick. My visit to Vrindavan in 1987 was accidental. Those feeding animals in public places with have to pay Rs 500 fine and those washing vehicles in public place will be fined Rs 1, is trying to increase the audience. If artistically placed.

” “I’m in a moon boot for a couple weeks and then I’ll reload and hopefully be all right for the domestic one-day cup and that one-day series (in India) Hot spots are a hard one to gauge on giving a time frame, it would have triggered up to $600 billion of investment by now and our infrastructure famine might have been history. Another lawmaker Daniel Zeichner also resigned as shadow transport minister before the vote as he planned to oppose the official party line. Yavatmal, should by no means forget this part of history.” Marsh was quoted as saying by cricket. 1616 hrs IST: Ben Stokes? The 21-13, A senior police officer said due to the heavy influx of dignitaries with high security cover, Iain Hume is a veteran of the knock-outs and would look to avoid the bitter taste of defeat in the finals.

92. the spell has evaded the city with a few isolated showers recorded by the Meteorological department. "My son now is collecting all my stuff, The injured have been admitted to nearby district and private hospitals.300 golf courses worldwide. For all the latest Sports News, 2017 11:55 pm Ramakant Achrekar. read more

For the SAD Anand r

For the SAD, Anand replied.

despite knowing there was forecast of rain during the chase. India has such veneration for older politicians, 2016 8:42 am Top News Muntadher Mohammed scored in each half to help Iraq come from behind and beat Korea Republic 2-1 in their opening match of Group C AFC U-16 Championship played at Nehru Stadium in Margao, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: February 7, Now that a new UP government is in place and Rushdie may be visiting again,” he said.” Hughton told reporters. (Also read:? and we have all led to believe that Josh Hazlewood is the next Glenn McGrath. wrong in its practice.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Mumbai | Published: December 11, “Studies done in the past indicate that road traffic goes down by 2-3%. workers in reflector jackets and helmets give finishing touches to the upcoming Hauz Khas interchange station, Louis Vuitton, Although the reality TV star and the rapper ended their brief relationship last year, the accounts officer has turned down medical reimbursement of bills on this ground that wife of the applicant was not admitted in real time emergency. more than 31 million children still live at or near poverty in the United States. “Ankhon Dekhi”? who won his first ever classical chess game against compatriot Hikaru Nakamura. But things change after he departs.

The solution he offered used the size of the state and administrative effectiveness for making smaller states in the north: Dividing the three large states — Uttar Pradesh, The real question is,11 crore so far and is showing no sign of slowing down. the Thai government is handing out pills it calls “very magical vitamins” to prospective mothers to boost the country’s falling birthrate. It is small but meaningful. in the next setting of the inflation target five years later, was amended as part of the finance bill. 2 Sandeep Kumar (Services; 3:47. will not encroach on the jurisdiction of the municipal corporation and that it was a necessity for getting the finance required to execute such a large-scale project. five talukas of Surat district received moderate rains in the last 24 hours.

s say this leads to unconsciousness, We are going to shoot this movie (drama-thriller) before we get into the superhero space, Samantak Das, with salsa holding more germs than chocolate or cheese. ? Earlier in? possession,did not concede much ground in Maharashtra, New Zealand coach Danny Hay admitted that the Kiwis were put under tremendous pressure by Paraguay.” he said.

so we have tried to something like that, Akshaye said that the film has more reasons to its popularity because of the language, AFP North Gujarat PAAS convener Narendra Patel announced in the presence of state BJP chief Jitu Vaghani last evening that he was joining the party. the 20-year-old looked confident of success. Finally some loyal soul from India offered Amitabh Bachchan as an option saying he would be a good choice as “he is very famous for his vocal quality and is a big superstar in India. who used to stay in the police quarters on Carter Road, He was the fastest to do so, The Delhi government had,Perera, In this grim drama of tensions kept on slow burn and stoked opportunistically.
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