Don the latest of the Opeloge weightlifting family to win a medal

first_imgCameroon Valdi Ahmed Njoya scooped the gold, Pakistan’s  Abdur Rehman taking silver and Opeloge settled for bronze.Opeloge’s best in the Snatch was 96kg while his Clean & Jerk total points were  122kg. He received 218  as his final points.Don nephew is a the youngest of the Opeloge family with two older brothers and sisters Ele and Mary Opeloge who have all represented and won medals for Samoa in the sport. Don said that he only started lifting weights this year and because his family is so involved in the weightlifting, he gave it a try.Don is the nephew of former international weightlifter medalist Niusila Opeloge and  his aunties Ele and Mary Opeloge are Commonwealth Gold medalists for Samoa.Don hopes winning the bronze will be the start of a bright future for him in the sport. His medal brings Samoa’s medals tally to 5.last_img read more

Goals FLOW at Sabina

first_imgExcelsior High cruised into the FLOW Super Cup quarter-finals  following a 5-0 victory against Ocho Rios High at Sabina Park yesterday. The Mountain View Avenue-based Excelsior were never troubled dominated with goals by Kimani DeCombre in the fifth minute,  Cadine Graham (12th), Ryan Spence (29th), Chad McKen (55th) and substitute Raewin Senior (87th).   With Ocho Rios having few shots towards goal Excelsior’s goalkeeper Romario Palma had little to do and the margin of victory could have been much greater.    Excelsior’s coach Shavar Thomas was satisfied with his team’s overall performance and the fact that the goals were scored by five different players. “We have been lacking in finishing and today the team spread the ball around with five different goal scorers,”  Thomas, nattily dressed in a sports blazer, said. “The team does not rely on one striker as we have depth and can move players around,” he added.    “At the end I’m pretty satisfied as we moved the ball around. We have a good group that can go deep in the competition,” Thomas pointed out. “I expected a better fight from Ocho Rios but my team did well today,” he shared. Ocho Rios coach Carlington Dodd said he was proud of his young team. “We are proud of the players. We wanted to fight but Excelsior are a better team. However, we will come back,” Dodd said. Yesterday’s results Excelsior 5 Ocho Rios 0 Bridgeport 1 Dinthill 0 Today’s games SABINA PARK 5 p.m. – Jamaica College vs Clarendon College 7 p.m. – Kingston College vs Vere Technical MONTEGO BAY SPORTS COMPLEX 5 p.m. – Holy Trinity High vs STETHS 7 p.m. – Haile Selassie High vs Rusea’s Highlast_img read more

Power Theft Plunges New Kru Town in Darkness

first_imgIncreasing power theft, which has resulted in losses of U$4,000 daily and U$200,000 monthly, have forced the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to shut down power supply to the borough of New Kru Town.The Executive Director for Administration and Human Resources, Vamunyah F. Sheriff, said the decision would remain in force until ways are found to correct the alarming rate of power theft in the community.He said, however, that Redemption Hospital, which serves the interests of Bushrod Island and other surrounding communities, is not affected by the shut down.“The losses account for 15 to 20 percent or more, which represents U$200,000 monthly to the company,” he said at the press conference at LEC’s  Bushrod Island offices last Friday.Sheriff said the decision followed the conclusion of a series of audits in the borough and its adjacent communities, including Mombo Town, Court House Area, Sannoh Yard, D. Twe and Popo Beach.Director Sheriff said during the company’s audit, it discovered that more than 300 meters had been removed from over 40 light poles by unscrupulous power rogues.“This translates to 90% (of the company’s) revenue loss,” he said. “As a result our meters also got damaged in the process and we have to replace them.”He explained that the disconnection would help to protect, LEC’s “equipment and other properties.”The Director threatened to “shame the people who steal power by publishing their names in local newspapers.”Sheriff said while the company’s audit is not limited to New Kru Town and its surrounding communities, community leaders must work along with the LEC to own and protect what provides them light.“You must be part of the solution,” Sheriff said, and urged residents to report those involved in power theft for immediate action, whether an LEC employee, a contractor or a resident in the community.He said the Liberian economy depends largely on the supply of electricity, and therefore Liberians must not sit idly by and allow few others to damage LEC facilities and throw the country back.He appealed to community leaders and the youths across Monrovia and its environs, to stand up and help LEC combat power theft.Meanwhile, Sheriff said the LEC would initiate a process to return power to those who are not involved in power theft, and that “the just [would] not suffer with the unjust.”Ina his intervention, Chief Financial Officer John Burke explained the huge cost of fuel that is needed to sustain electricity to consumers.“It’s like any of those selling cold water in a bag,” Burke said. “You take L$100 worth of water and you sell two bags and the rest is gone.”In New Kru Town, a cross section of residents interviewed by the Daily Observer agreed with the decision but said, as already mentioned, the “just must not suffer with the unjust.”“Not everyone in New Kru Town and other affected areas are involved in power theft,” a 34-year-old mother of two, Christiana Weah, said, “the LEC must make a way for those who have purchased their chips to enjoy their purchase.”Residents said it has been two weeks since information filtered to the community that the Liberia Electricity Corporation, LEC, had decided to disconnect the Borough, due to power theft, though at the press conference the LEC said the community was informed of its action ahead of the disconnection.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brisbane Laid to Rest in Bomi as 2 US Citizens Test Positive

first_imgThe remains of Dr. Samuel Brisbane were buried Saturday night at his home in Bomi County, less than 24 hours after he succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH/SW) has confirmed. Dr. Brisbane was a senior medical doctor working at Liberia’s leading referral hospital, the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center in Monrovia.The JFK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Billy Johnson, confirmed Brisbane’s demise to the Daily Observer Saturday afternoon. Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bernice Dahn, also confirmed Dr.  Brisbane’s death, which occurred at around one o’clock p.m. on Saturday at an Ebola treatment center at ELWA Hospital in Paynesville, near Monrovia. The BBC reports Dr. Brisbane succumbed to the deadly disease after a three-week battle.The late Dr. Brisbane, Liberia’ leading internist, headed the Emergency Unit at the JFK and saw most patients coming there for various treatments. According to reports, he is the first Liberian doctor to die since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease.The US-based aid group, Samaritan’s Purse, also said Saturday that an American doctor working in Liberia is sick.A spokeswoman for the group says Dr. Kent Brantly is undergoing intensive medical treatment. She added that patients have a better chance of survival if they receive treatment immediately after being infected, which Brantly did. Dr. Brantly, 33, is married and a father of two.A second U.S. citizen working in Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus, Samaritan’s Purse also announced. Nancy Writebol is employed by SIM (Sudan Interior Mission) in Liberia and was helping the joint SIM/Samaritan’s Purse team that is treating Ebola patients at the Case Management Center in Monrovia. SIM manages ELWA Hospital there, and the two organizations have been working closely to combat Ebola since the current outbreak began in Liberia in March.Nancy Writebol serves as a Personnel Coordinator by helping missionaries and short-term teams with their entry into Liberia. She is married to David Writebol who is the Technical Services Manager and SIM’s Eternal Love Winning Africa’s (ELWA’s) complex of 100 buildings. He helps staff provide electrical power, water and other technical services to the campus, which are utilized by the radio station, hospital, elementary and secondary schools on the campus. The couple is blessed with two sons, whom they raised before leaving their careers in the education and software industry to become missionaries.  They have been working with SIM since August 2013.  Prior to coming to Liberia, the Writebols also spent 14 years serving orphans and other vulnerable children in Ecuador and Zambia.WHO says the highly contagious Ebola virus has so far killed at least 672 people in four African countries—Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia now Nigeria.In Sierra Leone, for example, health officials say an Ebola patient whose family sparked a nationwide hunt when they forcefully removed her from a treatment center and took her to a traditional healer, died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital.Meanwhile, Nigeria has stepped up surveillance at its ports and borders, following the country’s first confirmed death from the Ebola virus.Officials confirmed Friday that a man, who died after arriving in Lagos on a flight from Liberia, had tested positive for Ebola.(For the latest news and updates, follow us at this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Judge Confirms Bribery Report on Judiciary

first_imgIn support of the 2016 US Department of State’s Human Rights Report that some judges in Liberia accept bribes to award damages in civil cases, a Liberian Judge on Monday agreed that most often the decisions of judges have been influenced by bribery.According to the report, “Corruption persists in the legal system. Some judges accepted bribes to award damages in civil cases. Judges sometimes solicit bribes to try cases, release detainees from prison, or find defendants not guilty in criminal cases.”The report further alleged that: “Defense attorneys and prosecutors sometimes suggested defendants pay bribes to secure favorable decisions from judges, prosecutors, jurors. Correction officers sometimes demanded payment to escort detainees to trial.”While addressing the opening of the Civil Law Court on Monday, Liberian Judge Johannes Zogbay Zlahn said: “We as judges have allowed our fraternal relationships and love for our brothers and sisters who are lawyers to influence our decisions, which have invariably led to various disciplinary actions being taken against us.”He said that when a judge is suspended for violation of one of the judicial canons, because a lawyer or lawyers influenced or misled the judge into taking the action for which he was suspended, “that judge is exposed to public disrepute, while the lawyers involved behaves as if they are saints.”The Civil Law Court judge told his audience that in most instances, the lawyers involved are the first to speak ill of the disciplined judge, as if the judge is incompetent or absolutely corrupt.Admonishing his colleagues, Zlahn said, “We as judges must therefore be careful with lawyers who are masquerading as our friends when their primary goal is to protect their clients’ interests, as well as, their wallets and bank accounts.”Sounding a positive note, Zlahn said, “there are still some strong-willed judges capable of resisting pressures from lawyers, friends, relatives and members of their ethnic group,” but added that, “other judges are not so strong to resist such pressures.”“As judges, therefore, we must not allow our sympathies or relationships with particular lawyers or individuals to lead us down a path of self-destruction or disgrace, because at the end the day, the lawyers or individuals in whose interest we act will abandon us, while we linger in shame and disgrace,” the Civil Law Court Judge advised his colleagues.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Guyana Amazon Warriors wrap’ up home leg with tour of Essequibo Coast

first_imgBy Ashraf DabiThe Guyana Amazon Warriors on Saturday brought the curtain down on their home visit with a well-earned tour to the Cinderella County – Essequibo Coast.Following the recent conclusion to what was perhaps the most intense four matches in this year’s Hero Caribbean Premiere League (CPL) tournament hosted at the Providence National Stadium, the team’s major sponsor Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT), in bidding farewell to the players, facilitated an interactive session at the New Opportunity Corps in Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast, after which they were taken across the county on a series of sight visits, as well as meet and greets with scores of fans.Guyana Amazon Warriors, all-rounder, Steven Jacobs mentors some of the students at the NOC when the team visited the Essequibo Coast on SaturdayThe day kicked off with the Warriors being treated to an ideal Guyanese adventure as they were whisked away from the comforts of the Georgetown Marriott Hotel, at which they were stationed, and made their way across both the Demerara and Essequibo rivers.Despite their battle with inclement weather, the team of local and international cricket stars arrived in Supenaam, Region Two, in high spirits and full of anticipation of what promised to be a memorable day ahead.First off on the agenda, the Guyana Amazon Warriors met with and mentored the underage offenders currently detained at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC).As the Warriors disembarked the bus in Onderneeming, the excess of 70 boys and girls housed at the juvenile detention institution cheered and rushed to meet with the stars of their home team, chanting praises and congratulating the team on their recent victories.Introducing the home squad to the detained youths was GTT Public Relations Officer (PRO), Allison Park, who expressed delight in the materialisation of this significant interactive session.In doing so, Parker outlined what prompted her company to organise such a visit, noting that it is necessary for businesses and other organisations to direct attention to those residing outside the capital city as well.Moreover, while acknowledging the unfortunate circumstances which led to the underage offenders being detained at NOC, the PRO reassured the youngsters that all is not loss, and thereby encouraged them to only look forward.Sharing a similar view was the newly inducted captain of the Guyana Amazon Warrior, all-rounder Rayad Emrit, as he took to the forefront to address the youngsters. In recapping their 2017 CPL experience in Guyana, the Trinidadian pinpointed their time spent with various groups of Guyanese youth as part of their highlights.As such, Emrit took the opportunity to extend best wishes to the detainees while urging the young minds to use their time spent in the institution as a positive investment towards a successful future.Remaining on that note, homeboy Steven Jacobs while speaking at the NOC, charged the young offenders to erase their past misfortunes, as he posited that these very detainees are capable of following in his team’s footsteps at representing Guyana as sportsmen or even at other forums. As such, he challenged both boys and girls to work towards such ambitious goals. In addition to the words of advice, the youth population housed at the institution also cashed in on a number of cricket gear and equipment, such as bats and balls. Continuing their journey, the Amazon Warriors travelled further up the Essequibo Coast to the community of Affiance. The players spent the time meeting and interacting with the local supporters, during which the Essequibians took the best of the photo opportunity and scored the autographs of their favourites among the squad.The Warriors made a spontaneous stop to the Imran Bacchus Cricket Ground within the same community, at which they were greeted by a group of cricket enthusiasts deep in the game.The team subsequently moved on to the Amazon Warriors country home where they spent the remainder of the afternoon indulging in recreational adventures.The Guyana Amazon Warriors is set to take their leave today from which they will progress to Barbados in preparation for the remaining matches, crucial to their qualification for the playoffs.This is after the local team took on four games at home, striking down the Barbados Tridents and the St Lucia Stars for much needed wins, while also recording two significant loses.Nevertheless, the Warriors is set to face off against the Tridents once more on Tuesday as they play to secure their spot in the competition, with high hopes of advancing to the finals.last_img read more

Stanislaus rallies past Cal State

first_imgBonvechio then scored on a wild pitch and Dennis Wolfe made it a five-run inning with a sacrifice fly to center, scoring pinch-runner Adam Kubo. Josh Lewis, the third of four Warriors’ pitchers, picked up the win while Eric Federico earned the save. Toph Grenfell, the fourth Coyotes pitcher of the day, was tagged with the loss. He walked Holtzen and Valentine before Ward Minich came on and gave up the double to Bonvechio. The Coyotes got a run back in the bottom of the ninth on an RBI double by Patrick Walker but Frederico closed the door, striking out pinch-hitter Matt Long LOCAL COLLEGE ROUNDUP Trailing 7-5 entering the ninth, Kevin McCarthy drilled a solo home run to lead off the inning and later Kyle Bonvechio doubled home scoring A.J. Valentine and Garrett Holtzen, both of whom had walked to give the Warriors their first lead of the day at 8-7. with two on and two out. CAL STATE SOFTBALL Sophomore Leslie Carrasco singled up the middle with the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth inning Sunday to give Cal State San Bernardino a 2-1 CCAA conference softball win over Humboldt State. With the win, the Coyotes improved to 11-11 overall and 5-7 in the CCAA while Humboldt State, one of the nation’s elite programs, saw its record dip to 14-2 overall and 6-1 in the CCAA. Junior right-handed Tawni Baker protected a 1-0 CSUSB lead through the first six innings only to yield a solo home run to the Lumberjacks Vanessa Shernock leading off the seventh inning to force extra innings. In the bottom of the eighth Michelle Calderon led off with a single and advanced to second on a sacrifice bunt by Jamie Lowe. Krista Hernandez then reach on an error by `Jacks pitcher Tracy Motzny and Jordan Dahl was intentionally walked to fill the bases. Carrasco then delivered a clean single to center to bring home Calderon with the winning run. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img Cal State Stanislaus climbed out of a 5-0 hole in the first inning, rallying for five runs in the ninth Sunday to win their first CCAA conference baseball game of 2007, 10-8, over the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes. With the win, the Warriors improved to 4-9 on the season and 1-7 in the CCAA while the Coyotes are now 12-7 overall and 8-4 in the conference. last_img

Talent Spotter: Is this Leeds’ next England midfielder?

first_img Leeds and England midfielder Lewis Cook 1 Leeds United have quite a prolific youth academy at the moment. Tom Lees, Dom Poleon, Alex Mowatt, Sam Byram and Zac Thompson have all made the step up to the first-team in recent years.Another crop of players look set to breakthrough with Chris Dawson and Ross Killock involved in their pre-season preparations under new head coach David Hockaday.But one player standing out is 17-year-old midfielder Lewis Cook, who was being talked up as a future England midfielder by excited fans.Name: Lewis CookDate of birth: 3 February, 1997Position: MidfielderClub: Leeds UnitedBirthplace: Leeds, EnglandInternational appearances: England Under-17 InternationalHonours: Under-17 European Championship 2014What’s the latest?After playing a part in the England Under-17s European Championship triumph the midfielder has targeted a role in the Leeds United first-team as the Whites look to promote youngsters during owner Massimo Cellino’s reign. The nitty gritty:1) The midfielder is still only a first-year scholar and has previously only made appearances for their development side and their Under-18s.2) Cook’s talents in a holding role were noticed early on by England and in 2011 he played in their Victory Shield opener against Northern Ireland.3) The midfielder made four appearances for England’s Under-17 side in May as they won the European Championship in Malta. He has insisted he would have taken a penalty in the final against the Netherlands had he still been on the pitch.4) Cook was a member of the Leeds United Under-18 side who went on a 12-game winning streak last season, which was eventually ended by Liverpool in the FA Youth Cup. Cook grabbed the consolation strike in a 3-1 defeat.5) The 17-year-old has just two years remaining on his contract at Elland Road and the youngster played 45 minutes during Leeds’ record-breaking 16-0 victory over FC Gherdeina in a recent pre-season friendly. He started in their 2-0 win against Guiseley where he impressed playing as a defensive midfielder in a diamond formation.They say:“If you chopped Lewis’ head off and put an older head on his shoulders, you wouldn’t be surprised. I rate him very highly, he is a good player.“From what I’ve seen, he along with one or two others, have a very good chance here.”– Leeds United head coach David HockadayHe says:“I’d like to think that I can do enough to get myself involved with the first team soon.“The great thing about the academy at Leeds is that young players do get a chance. I’ve seen lots of lads go onto the first team and I’d love to do the same. It’s what we’re all aiming for.”Leeds fans, what have you seen of Cook? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.last_img read more

‘Sterling should still be at Liverpool and would have thrived under Klopp’

first_img1 Raheem Sterling should still be at Liverpool and would have thrived under Jurgen Klopp, claims his agent.The England winger left Anfield in the summer to join Manchester City in an acrimonious £49million move and Aidy Ward, Sterling’s advisor, has pinned the blame for the breakdown of their relationship with Liverpool at the door of former boss Brendan Rodgers.“I have no issue with anyone but Rodgers,” Ward told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview with talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham.“He had a massive job with massive funds. How did he do? Good coach, but as a manager I didn’t like certain things about how he dealt with Raheem.“Fifty per cent of the players would probably tell you Brendan is not a good manager, but he is a good coach.“Raheem could have stayed, he should be at Liverpool. I think for me it was like he was being told to be a good boy and sign a contract.“In December I spoke to Liverpool and said we’ll sign a contract if there is a buy-out clause – those clauses are now common practice. They said no to that.“Then there were remarks. In press conferences, Brendan told everyone Raheem would sign – why do that?“I knew, Brendan knew and Liverpool knew there was an issue. Right now he probably should be a Liverpool player, but he’s not and he’s in a great place at City.”Sterling appears to be a natural fit at top-of-the-table City, scoring five goals so far, including a hat-trick against Bournemouth on Saturday.On the same day, made his debut as Liverpool boss following Rodgers’ sacking a fortnight earlier. Ward is a big fan of the German and expresses a certain regret that Sterling did not get to play under him.He said: “The new Liverpool manager probably would have been a great fit for Raheem – passionate, disciplined in the right way, new ideas, not afraid of trying new things. He’ll do great at Liverpool.“He’s going to get the best out of those players. It could have been a dream come true.”To read more from Adrian Durham’s MailOnline columns, click here Raheem Sterling last_img read more


first_imgClub Notes – Naomh Adhamhnáin – 26.11.12The U13 Boys claimed the county title with a nailbiting win over rivals N. Conaill in Ballybofey on Saturday. Oisín Purdy knocked over the winning point after goals from Eoin McGeehin, Matthew McGovern and Niall Hannigan had given Eunan’s a lead before being pegged back thanks to a late, dubious penalty to leave the final score 3-06 to 3-05 and send the Black & Amber youngsters through to next year’s Féile in Derry.The Seniors went down to a narrow defeat to Gaoth Dobhair in their final league game, but the title was already claimed and the trophy was presented after the game as the club celebrated a league and championship double in this historic year for Donegal football. The U21’s must meet Kilcar again for a place in the semi-final after the teams played out a pulsating draw in O’Donnell Park, finishing 0-09 apiece.The Minors will meet Kilcar in the Championship Final this Sunday (Dec. 2nd) in a repeat of the 2010 U16 Final with venue and time tbc.The Minor girls were narrowly beaten in their Ulster quarter-final by Kinawley (Fermanagh) going down by 2-07 to 3-05.Girls U12 Football training continues in the Convent Gym at 6pm on Wednesday’s. The AGM takes place this Saturday evening in the Clubhouse at 6pm. Only members registered by March 31st, 2012 will be entitled to vote.The Minor Board AGM takes place next Thursday, December 7th in the Clubhouse at 7pm. All nomination and motion papers must be returned to Paul McGovern at: on or before this Friday, November 29th.The underage Hurling & Camogie Winter timetable is available on the club website under the Minor Board Hurling tab in the “minor” section.There are a small number of club ties avaialble and they would make an ideal Christmas present. Contact Paul McGovern on 086-8114151 for details.We will host a double header this Sunday (Dec. 2nd) with N. Conaill taking on Cloughaneely in the county U21 semi-final at 12:30pm before neighbours Glenswilly take on Gaoth Dobhair in a relegation play-off at 2pm. We extend our sympathies to the McDermott (Brian & Noel) Family on the passing of their father.GAA: ST EUNAN’S GAA CLUB NEWS was last modified: November 27th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAA: ST EUNAN’S GAA CLUB NEWSlast_img read more