Chelsea and Liverpool face hefty fines unless they ditch Russian betting partner

first_imgCHELSEA and Liverpool face hefty fines unless they ditch Russian betting partner, 1xBet.The two Premier League clubs have been ordered to stop promoting the firm or face prosecution after they lost their licence allowing them to operate in the UK last month, say The Times.2 Liverpool and Chelsea face hefty fines if they don’t ditch blacklisted betting company 1xBetHarry Kane, Willian and Virgil van Dijk have all helped plug 1xBet – with Tottenham cancelled their partnership after the Russian firm were blacklisted in the UK.The Gambling Commission revealed they spoke with Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool, warning them to stop promoting immediately.They were told if they fail to comply they would face unlimited fines and even 51 weeks in prison.In light of the revelation, Tottenham swiftly ditched 1xBet as a sponsor – in what is the first major intervention by a regulator over gambling firms bankrolling football.BLACKLISTEDThe Russian firm have been blacklisted by regulators for being used to promote betting on children’s sports, cockfighting and even a pornographic casino.1xBet is also said to be one of the biggest advertisers on a host of sites who host illegal Premier League live streams.On the issue, Campaign for Fairer Gambling spokesperson Matt Zarb-Cousin described the situation as “shocking”.Zarb-Cousin said: “It is shocking that these football clubs failed to do the most basic due diligence checks on 1xBet before signing up for these multi-million-pound deals.2MORE CHELSEA STORIESLive Blogblues newsChelsea news LIVE – Latest updates from Stamford BridgeGossipGOING DUTCHChelsea ‘to grab Mbuyamba on free deal’ with defender set to leave BarcelonaCOURT ORDERKante ‘ordered to appear in court’ in £3.4m legal battle with former agentBRIDGE OF SIGHSChelsea stars ‘bored’ and Hazard suffered under Sarri, says ex-No2 ZolaGossipBERN IT UPMan Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea on alert after Bernardeschi reveals Prem plansLive BlogBLUES NEWSChelsea news LIVE: Latest updates and transfer gossip from Stamford BridgeGossipSAMU’LL DOChelsea turn attention to Villarreal’s Chukwueze as United edge closer to SanchoJESUS HEISTChelsea talks with Jesus Corona confirmed as agent reveals ace open to transferGossipLIAN HEARTWillian wanted by PSG on a free with Arsenal in hunt ahead of deal running outPicturedBUL OVEREx-Chelsea man Bulka wrecks £200k Lamborghini in horror crash in Poland lockdown”It’s an absolute debacle.”1xBet was launched in 2007, with Spurs making them their global betting in 2018, with Liverpool and Chelsea following suit earlier this summer.In July, The Times exposed the Russian firm for helping fuel a youth gambling crisis in Kenya.Frank Lampard on Kurt Zouma being targeted with sick racist abuse after Chelsea own goallast_img read more

Josep Maria Bartomeu tries to calm an indignant Board

first_imgAfter trying try to convince with a more than questionable success to captains Of the template that the club had nothing to do with it scandal of the company that launched defamatory messages against characters of the Barcelona surroundings among those who were two heavyweights of the locker room like Messi and Piqué, Bartomeu tries now that the Board will not be revolutionized.The environment in the boardroom is more than tense. Many of the managers, if not the vast majority, learned about the crisis through media. The done what I know split the payment to I3 Ventures of the invoice worth 800,000 or one million euros, according to sources, is what is most unworthy. The payment to the company was cut into bills from less than 200,000 euros, That is the limit that is marked so that a payment can be made without going through the meeting. That fact is interpreted as an itry to hide these council activities. Various departments signed the invoices and some refused to do so. In this sense, the resignation of the financial director yesterday does not go unnoticed Montserrat Font, although the club defends that it was a expected low. morning one is planned meeting of the Board of Directors It is expected very hot. Many board members will demand responsibilities and in private conversations They don’t hide their outrage. In this scenario, the head from Jaume Masferrer, director of the presidency area and principal advisor to the president, as well as that of Guille Graell, director of FCB brand, is it so threatened. Both are the executives responsible for hiring I3 Ventures.To try to prepare a strategy Faced with this meeting, which is expected to be very complicated, the president summoned the delegated commission yesterday urgently. The hard core of the council formed by the vice presidents Rossaud, Cardoner, Tombas, Moix next to the secretary Maria Teixidor, the CEO Oscar Grau and own Masferrer They gathered outside the club to try to stop a crisis that leaves all the stages open. At the moment, an internal investigation has been opened before the rumors of electoral advancement.last_img read more

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Diplomat’s Mistress

first_imgCharacters in the StoryDeborah Beauty—The young socialite whose disappearance is the center of the case.Samson Solo—The defendant who denied knowing the missing woman’s whereabouts.John Sory—The prosecutor who wanted justice at all means.William Kulu—The prosecution’s witness who has the meat on the defendant.Dorothy Farkollie—The judge with glasses always perched on her nose.Jason Doe—The criminal defense lawyer who believed in the innocence of his client. Janet Lovebird—The lawyer’s private secretary who wept when she heard the ordeal of Deborah Beauty.THE COURTROOM REMAINED quiet except for the occasional uhs and ahs of a spectator and the regular echo of standing and ceiling fans.Prosecutor John Sorry led the witness, William Kulu, through events that led to the disappearance of Debora Beauty, and her relationship with an unidentified diplomat. Aware of the immunity clause that surrounds members in the diplomatic community, there were contentions that the case should be directed at Samson Solo, a man of many contacts, and contrasts, whose personal relationship with Debora Beauty led to her involvement with the unknown diplomat. And also for obvious reasons metropolitan newspapers had deliberately omitted the nationality of the diplomat, a source of great interest.The victim, Debora Beauty, was a local socialite and daughter of a leading politician. Debora Beauty prowled the corridors of the rich and the famous, William Kulu told the court.But if any of the spectators in the courtroom thought the high profile case was simply a charade due to the immunity clause that benefits members of the diplomatic community, they were wrong, for the law went after locals who were instrumental in leading the socialite to her alleged disappearance. The young socialite’s parents, though having sort of abandoned her, due to what was described as a life of debauchery, nevertheless made full appearance when the case opened, and especially when news reports indicated that the cause of her disappearance was through a youthful diplomat, who had promised Debora a trip abroad, along with the material trappings that would normally turn a young woman’s head upside down in a society where such opportunities were lacking, the witness told the courtroom filled with sympathizers and those who wanted the latest on the juicy story.In fact, immediately after the case broke, three weeks before the preliminary trial, in which Monrovia Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe represented the man with many contacts, Samson Solo, metro newspapers went wild with juicy reports of the missing woman’s escapades with men in the larger Monrovia community.A local daily, in its front-page banner headline declared: A SOCIALITE PAYS FOR INDISCRETION. Though there were some sympathies in the narrative, it had the lighter side of mockery, pointing fingers at parents and children who lost their sense of direction because of the love of what money could offer. In actual fact the media went for the sensation in the story to feed the ever-growing gossip community and to offer women some gossip angles of the ever present struggle of the nature of human beings in their exceptional interest in life on the streets.But the prosecution’s witness William Kulu, perhaps out of spite for the young woman’s lifestyle, otherwise testified that Samson Solo, the accused who had aided and abetted her life, a week before her disappearance, had confided in him of the young woman’s failure to have settled with him.“What do you mean by failure to have settled with him, Mr. Kulu?” Prosecutor John Sorry prodded on.“It means the money she was supposed to give him.”“And how much are we talking about, Mr. Kulu?”“It was $2,000 United States dollars.”“Was it the first time you personally came in contact with the accused on such a business?”“No,” the witness said, “since we are friends, he very often informs me about what has been going on between them.”“You have shared ideas together in the past?“Yes,” the witness said, “he is a very good friend.”“You must know much about Debora Beauty, then?”“Deborah,” he said in a whisper, “was a lovely woman and a wonderful friend.”“Therefore,” the prosecutor turned swiftly to stare at the judge, “it’s probable, and we are establishing that the disappearance is criminal mischief in which the young woman’s life has been led into danger.“And the likelihood is that while the woman involved in this case is mature enough to handle her own affairs, she was evidently prodded on, aided, encouraged, and pushed on, and when the enterprise did not go the way of the accused we are here today to find out where the young woman is,” the prosecutor said at length.The inference here was that the accused, seated at the defense table, had executed some form of reprisal against the woman in question, for an earlier witness had testified that the accused had had the occasion to assault Deborah Beauty during an earlier situation that involved money.Though defense counsel Doe did not cross-examine the earlier witness, only saying he would do so at another time, the present witness seemed to convince the court of a recurring misbehavior on the part of the accused in his retaliation against the young woman when he was not compensated for his role in the affair.As the second prosecution witness revealed the role his client had played in the life of Deborah Beauty, Jason Doe, all along had his head lowered in contemplation. It was only when the witness admitted to the prosecutor’s question, making his client responsible for what led to the young woman’s disappearance, that he lifted his head and stared directly into space.He knew the case had a complication, particularly with a diplomat’s angle, but the question was: “Where was the woman involved?” The prosecutor could not advance the theory that the young woman was dead or had been killed, since the court would demand for her remains. And these days that many a young woman had traveled outside the country without parental knowledge, it could be that the young woman had traveled abroad and chose not to inform her parents. His client had insisted he had not seen the woman in question in the last three months, and had only “talked to her on the phone,” that his admission to the lawyer that they had worked together on a personal or private enterprise convinced the lawyer of the truth of some of the issues that had been revealed in court. But Counselor Doe could not add up the numbers that his client was responsible for the woman’s disappearance. Or there was any criminal nature or enterprise which the onus now fell on the shoulders of his client to tell her father her whereabouts.What about the role of her parents? As many of the metro newspapers revealed, her father had been so involved in politics that he had, to say the least, neglected his daughter or as one newspaper described it, “The Honorable man has failed to take the leadership to ensure the safety of his family.”Counselor Doe was in such contemplation when he heard the prosecutor said, “Counselor, your witness,” ending his cross-examination.Judge Dorothy Farkollie had her back comfortably on her chair’s backrest, her eyes shone through her glasses, which perched, not sat, on her nose. The spectators, including the parents of the missing woman, wedged in their seats, with the mother’s eyes filled with tears.In a motion of defiance, Counselor Doe deliberately stood up and turning to the accused, gave a smile. Behind the witness was the lawyer’s private secretary Janet Lovebird, her face in apparent sympathy with the accused.Her female instinct worked along well with the mother, whose anguish of her only daughter’s disappearance mixed with the agony of every parent’s sadness.Counselor Doe was on his feet and strolled towards the witness. In a swift moment, the lawyer glared at him, and the witness responded swiftly lowering his head and mumbled words to himself.The courtroom remained tense. The lawyer’s reputation of rescuing the beaten and defeated from the claws of injustice was becoming legendary and many witnesses felt uncomfortable anytime Cllr. Jason Doe confronted them in the box. Such was the situation when the midday clock chimed to announce recess, ending the morning session.Like a cue, Judge Farkollie looked at her watch and announced: “The Court will take recess and reconvene at 2p.m.” Counselor Doe smiled at the announcement, and felt relief from the tension that had built up in the courtroom. He considered the judge’s announcement as a blessing in disguise. He had suddenly discovered the angle to burst the case wide open.True, he had picked up some points of interest that he could use for a better understanding of what might have happened to the young woman in question, as to whether she was alive or dead.He would do that after the court reconvened for the afternoon session.THE COURT RECONVENED exactly at 2.p.m. and there was a feeling of triumph in the atmosphere, as Judge Dorothy Farkollie reclined behind the bench and lifted her chin, and said, “Counselor Doe, you may recall the witness to the stand.”“Thank you, Your Honor,” he said, “I recall William Kulu to the stand.” William Kulu ambled his way to the witness stand as spectators’ eyes curiously followed him.Deborah Beauty’s parents sat at their usual place, with tears in their eyes.Moving towards the stand, Jason Doe said, “Have you had any occasion to discuss issues with Samson Solo?”“Yes sir.”“What are some of the issues, Mr. Kulu?”Prosecutor James Sory was on his feet, “Objected to as incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. Not proper cross-examination.”Judge Farkollie said, “Will counsel clarify his line of cross-examination?” Jason Doe turned swiftly to the judge and said, “Your Honor, there is an important fact that is central to the current case, which is the level of the relationship between the witness and the defendant.“There is also a missing link about the motive for the accusation against my client, as far as his relationship with the alleged missing woman is concerned.”Judge Farkollie gave the lawyer’s response some careful thought and then turning to the prosecutor, said, “It is well for counsel to understand the level of the relationship which seems to be the basis of the witness’ contact with the defendant and therefore I am not going to overrule it.”The prosecutor nodded and returned to his seat, as the judge said, “You may continue with your cross-examination.” Jason Doe repeated his question.“Well,” the witness said, “the important issue involved Deborah Beauty.”“Have you been jealous of their relationship?”The witness smiled, and said, “a little sometimes.”“What is the basis or why being jealous, Mr. Kulu?”“He was fortunate to have her as a friend.”“What exactly do you mean when you said, and I quote ‘He was fortunate to have her as a friend’?”“Many times they walked together and it was too unfortunate for me, and fortunate for him.”“Did that give you some ideas, and if yes, what type of ideas?”James Sory was on his feet again, “This is a leading question Your Honor, and I think counsel is exploiting an unfair ground.”The judge lowered her glasses and stared at the prosecutor and then remarked, “Sustained.” Jason Doe smiled and rephrased his question.“Mr. Kulu,” he said, “do you have any reason to hate Samson Solo?”“No.”“But you hated his luck with Deborah Beauty?”The witness shifted in the stand, “Well, sometimes I wish I had the opportunity he had, that’s all.”The lawyer frowned at his reply, and squaring his shoulders, grimaced and said, “You ever entertained the thought that Samson Solo might do Deborah Beauty any harm?”“No.”“And so you never have the cause to worry about the woman being in danger as far as she was with Mr. Solo?”“No.”“So, as far as you are concerned,” the lawyer stressed, “the couple as friends wanted the relationship, though platonic, to remain as far it could hold?”“Yes,” the witness said, “and that was the envious part.”“So,” the lawyer said, “you began to show an envious spirit against the couple?”“No,” the witness said, “I just wanted to protect her.”“Did she need you to do that?”“She was a woman and she needed it.”“But there was no need for any protection, was there?”The witness hesitated and changed his position behind the stand, and said, “As a friend I thought…”Judge Farkollie retorted, “The witness should be able to speak about what he saw and not what he thought.”Jason Doe grinned.“Thank you Your Honor,” he said, and turning to the witness, he said, “Was any protection necessary for Ms. Deborah Beauty, as far as you were concerned?”“There was something like that.”“Like how, Mr. Kulu?”“Deborah was moving too fast. She was just twenty one and she was blessed with a wonderful friend who was interested in sending her away.”“Ok,” the lawyer said, “so it is possible that Ms. Deborah might have had an opportunity to travel abroad?”“Yes.”“How did you know that, Mr. Kulu?”“I was in a meeting with them and later when I met Solomon, he confided in me that Ms. Beauty was planning a trip abroad.”“So,” the lawyer said, “you got the news about her impending trip?”“Yes.”“And at the same time you testified that her disappearance is some kind of criminal enterprise which the defendant is guilty of?” The lawyer indicated with his right hand, and lifted his face so that the spectators could follow his move.The question startled the witness and he threw his head back to gaze into the eyes of the lawyer. The lawyer’s eyes grew enormous, and the witness swept his head away from him.The momentary action engaged the court’s attention. The courtroom remained silent thereafter as all heads turned toward the witness.The defendant, oblivious of the trend of the case, sat pensively, his glowing but shocking eyes directly toward the witness who seemed to be providing the circumstantial evidence to seal his doom.The echoes of ceiling and standing fans hummed along, and across from the defense table, the prosecutor hung on his chair in an expectant atmosphere.Prosecutor James Sory’s eyes moved directly after the dramatic effect that Jason Doe’s action had occasioned, and for maximum effect, Judge Farkollie leaned close to her bench and placed her hands on its surface.The witness meanwhile cleared his throat, and said, “I was aware of what Ms. Beauty wanted to do but it did not occur to me that her going would be so sudden.”The lawyer thought about his reaction and squared his shoulder at the witness.He said, “So, you are aware of the whereabouts of Ms. Beauty?”The witness’ response was slow, and the lawyer saw the opening he had been waiting for. By the witness’ own admission, he was aware of the young woman’s impending trip, and it could be possible due to her relationship or being a mistress of someone in the diplomat community. Securing a visitor’s visa would not be difficult. Another tempting motive was the prevailing economic disadvantage in the country that was responsible for the increase in the jobless population that had affected recent graduates from the various universities.But did it mean that the young woman was dead, or she had been killed as her parents, the media and some witnesses circumstantially claimed at the preliminary trial?When the lawyer directed his attention from the defendant to the witness, he said, “Which country did she tell you she was traveling to, Mr. Kulu?”The witness’ composure changed suddenly at the question, and the lawyer continued:“Evidently, the defendant did not aid, or encourage, and neither did he push the young woman to either disappear or otherwise as you testified, did he?”The direct question came as a surprise to the witness. He grimaced, and his shoulder sagged. He lowered his head, and found it embarrassing to lift it to meet the tormenting eyes of the lawyer.The witness’ atrocious expression of uncertainty was evident as he continued to struggle mentally to reassert himself over the gnawing defeat. Judge Farkollie, from her corner threw her chest back and folded her hands. Perhaps she was getting the direction the cross-examination was heading to. Counselor Jason Doe was enjoying the torture. From the beginning of the case, he never believed that the young woman’s disappearance bothered on any criminal enterprise, and the witness admission had brought that out.It was a case in which the defendant was being used as a scapegoat, a whipping boy and for an unusual reason to be branded a criminal and possibly convicted to deny him the benefit that his relationship with the young beauty had wrought. The only probable cause of the whereabouts of the young woman was that she might have gone abroad. But how come her parents did not know it? Jason Doe saw it as the missing link in solving the current case.The lawyer was about to spring another surprise when the echo of a woman’s shoes ran through the silent courtroom. The lawyer turned and met the eyes of a young woman dressed in black slacks, with a matching blouse. She was in her mid thirties. Dark goggles occupied her face. A bailiff moved in quickly and walked the woman directly to Judge Farkollie and held a brief interaction with the judge, who turned to the lawyers and smiled.Suddenly, the defendant erupted with a sigh, as she shouted, “Deborah, Deborah,” and he rushed towards the woman.Deborah’s mother, whose eyes had followed the woman after she walked across the courtroom, also ran to her: “Oh darling, where have you been?”Jason Doe smiled.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Seedorf’s Cameroon train at Nairobi’s Toyoyo

first_img0Shares0000Cameroon’s Paris Saint Germain striker Eric-Maxim Choupo Moting carries teammate Gaetan Bong shoulder high during a training session at the camp Toyoyo Grounds in Nairobi on September 4, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 4 – The Camp Toyoyo Grounds in Nairobi’s Jericho Estate played host to high profile visitors on Tuesday evening with reigning African champions Cameroon, led by new coaches Clarence Seerdof and Patrick Kluivert holding a training session there.The Indomitable Lions have been in the country from Sunday evening as they prepare to face Comoros in an African Cup of Nations (AFCON) Qualifier on Saturday in Moroni. 0Shares0000(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today) The team had initially held three training sessions at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani and needed to have a feel of an artificial turf as it is the same surface they will play on against Comoros.Seedorf and Kluivert, both former Netherlands internationals who replaced fellow Dutchman Hugo Broos at the helm of the team led the team to a light session at the Toyoyo turf, doing a bit of fitness checks and ball drills as they gear up for Comoros.Among the high-profile names which descended on the Toyoyo turf includes Paris Saint Germain striker Eric-Maxim Choupo Moting who moved to the French capital on deadline day from English second tier side Stoke City.Cameroon head coach Clarence Seedorf talks with one of his players during a training session at the camp Toyoyo Grounds in Nairobi on September 4, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluAlso present was Brighton’s Gaetan Bong and former West Brom defender Allan Nyom who moved to the Spanish La Liga to sign for Leganes after Albion were demoted from the English top tier.Choupo Moting and striker Vincent Aboubakar who plays in Portugal with giants FC Porto spotted trainers and did not have a run in with the rest of the squad as they sat out, possibly nursing a few knocks.While naming his squad for this tie, Seedorf sensationally left out AFCON winning skipper Benjamin Moukandjo and winger Cristian Bassogog from the squad saying he would not pick any squad members from the Chinese leagues.Moukandjo plies his trade alongside Kenyan international Ayub Timbe with Beijing Renhe while Bassogog, named Most valuable Player at the 2017 AFCON plays for Henan Jianye.With a restricted closed-door session, a few eager fans giraffe-ed their heads over the Toyoyo perimeter wall to catch a glimpse of the African champions and some to have a glimpse of childhood heroes Seedorf and Kluivert who were among the best in their generation.Cameroon players happily do some runs during a training session at the camp Toyoyo Grounds in Nairobi on September 4, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluCameroon will host the 2019 AFCON and have thus qualified but are playing in the qualifiers nonetheless.  While the rest of the groups will have the top two teams qualifying, Cameroon’s group will only have one more team going through.The Central Africans currently top Group B after beating Morocco 1-0 in their opening match. After playing Comoros on Saturday, their next assignment will be back to back home and away games against Malawi.Cameroon squad to play Comoros Goalkeepers: Fabrice Ondoa (Oostende/BEL), Andre Onana (Ajax/NED), Carlos Kameni (Fenerbahce/TUR)Defenders: Collins Fai (Standard Liege/BEL), Felix Eboa Eboa (Guingamp/FRA), Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui (Slavia Prague/CZE), Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo (Montpellier/FRA), Yaya Banana (Panionios/GRE), Jerome Onguene (Red Bull Salzburg/AUT), Gaetan Bong (Brighton and Hove Albion/ENG), Allan Nyom (Leganes/ESP)Midfielders: Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa (Fulham/ENG), Georges Mandjeck (Maccabi Haifa/ISR), Adrien Tameze (Nice/FRA), Pierre Kunde Malong (Mainz/GER)Forwards: Edgar Salli (Nuremberg/GER), Fabrice Olinga (Mouscron/BEL), Vincent Aboubakar (FC Porto/POR), Stephane Bahoken (Angers/FRA), Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting (Stoke City/ENG), Karl Toko Ekambi (Villareal/ESP), Paul-Georges Ntep (Wolfsburg/GER), Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu (Young Boys/SUI)last_img read more


first_imgA LANDLORD has admitted he knew the property he leased to a group of individuals was being used as a brothel.Ionel Iulian Bojoga, with an address at 7 Duffy’s Lane, Letterkenny admitted at the town’s District Court that he knew his premises were being used by prostitutes.The court heard that Gardaí issued with a search warrant, raided the apartment owned by Ionel Iulian Bojogo on June 19 this year. Gardaí discovered females in the rooms and a number of clients were ‘visiting’ the apartment at the time of the raid.A number of items and paraphernalia were seized from the apartment including a substantial amount of money.The court heard how the arrest of Ionel Iulian Bojogo had a devastating impact on him and his family.The defendant’s solicitor Patsy Gallagher told the court: “This has had a devastating impact on Mr Bojogo and his family.“He was remanded in custody for six to eight weeks following his arrest and was also directed to reside in Dublin following his release.“He was unable to see his family and it was an extremely difficult time for him and his family.“He realises he shouldn’t have leased the property to the individuals once he discovered what they were using his property for.“I would ask the judge to take into account his early guilty plea, and the fact he has no previous convictions.”In his closing summary Judge Denis McLaughlin said: “I’m taking into account the fact the defendant has already spent between eights weeks in custody, and the fact he’s had no previous convictions and is obviously a man of good character.”Judge Denis McLaighlin sentenced Bojogo to eights months in prison. However he suspended the sentence for a period of two years.The case is one of a number involving landlords which are due to be heard at the local court.LANDLORD CONVICTED OF LETTING OUT APARTMENT TO PROSTITUTES was last modified: November 11th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:convictedlandlordletterkennypropertylast_img read more


first_imgBallyare 10k 2011 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club PAURIC McKinney from Letterkenny AC won the Ballyare 10k on Friday night.Watch our video of him crossing the line at Carrs of the Diamond.All the results are below:1 3 33.25 Pauric Mc Kinney SM Letterkenny A C 2 112 34.25 Johnny Patton SM Letterkenny A C3 48 34.35 Gary Slevin SM City Of Derry4 2 36.57 Ciaran Carlin M40+ Finn Valley A C5 9 37.00 Martin Gormley M45+ Letterkenny A C6 21 37.01 Jude O’ Donnell SM Letterkenny A C7 78 37.39 Kieran Mc Bride JM Letterkenny A C 8 20 38.02 Dara Mc Nulty M40+ Foyle Valley9 1 38.04 Pat Hegarty M50+ Finn Valley A C10 18 38.26 Kevin Connolly SM Lifford A C11 106 38.48 Mark Connolly M50+ Finn Valley A C 12 4 39.21 Tom Thompson M40+ Finn Valley A C13 55 39.53 Glen Duncan SM Letterkenny A C14 59 39.54 Enda Doherty SM Finn Valley A C15 6 39.59 Joe Hegarty M45+ Finn Valley A C16 56 40.01 Pádraig Friel SM Letterkenny A C17 24 40.09 Michael Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C18 36 40.44 Hugh Coll SM Individual19 31 40.45 James Gibbons M45+ Finn Valley A C20 22 40.57 Shane Mc Nulty SM Finn Valley A C21 25 41.07 Bernard Mc Cabe M50+ Finn Valley A C22 93 41.12 Joe Gallagher SM Individual23 89 41.27 Shiela Regan SW Letterkenny A C24 5 41.41 Kevin Piper SM Individual25 17 42.06 Maurice Sharkey SM Lifford A C26 113 42.13 Barry Coyle SM Individual27 83 42.18 Tim Flanaghan M45+ Individual28 61 42.18 Mark Daly SM Individual29 11 42.35 Martin Devenny SM Individual30 34 42.42 Andy Scanlan M45+ Finn Valley A C31 23 42.51 Jim Shields M60+ Finn Valley A C32 109 43.06 Seamus Morrisan M45+ Letterkenny A C33 95 43.27 Aorian Gill SM Individual34 67 43.45 Lee Gildea SM Letterkenny A C35 65 43.47 Gerard Mullen SM Letterkenny A C36 27 43.53 Clive Boyce SM Individual37 54 44.10 Hugh O’ Donnell M45+ Individual38 47 44.11 Curly Coyle SM Individual39 82 44.24 Shane Neary SM Individual40 64 44.27 Roy Hunter M50+ Individual41 13 44.38 Pauric Sweeney M40+ Individual42 86 46.02 Kenny Graham SM Individual43 101 46.13 Steven Shiels M40+ Individual44 102 46.13 Noel Lynch M40+ Letterkenny A C45 28 46.15 Adian Cannon SM Individual46 29 46.16 Marie Boyle SW Individual47 35 46.26 Duane Long JM Finn Valley A C48 32 46.28 Martin Anderson M40+ Finn Valley A C49 26 46.30 Kieran Gallagher SM Individual50 73 46.33 Lester Dobson M40+ Letterkenny A C51 71 46.53 James Whoriskey SM Individual52 92 46.53 Bill Vaughan M45+ Individual53 91 46.54 Eunan Mc Bride M50+ Letterkenny A C54 104 47.05 Gloira Donaghey W50+ Finn Valley A C55 75 47.08 Paul Wilkinson SM Finn Valley A C56 85 47.23 Seamus Ferry M40+ Individual57 41 47.28 Ray Mc Gahy M40+ Individual58 76 47.38 Daniel Carr JM Letterkenny A C59 7 47.49 Daniel Cullen SM Letterkenny A C60 63 48.01 Gerard Bryceland M50+ Individual61 77 48.09 Shane Doherty JM Individual62 108 48.19 Nancy Mc Namee W45+ Finn Valley A C63 98 48.28 Kevin Coyle SM Individual64 60 48.28 Colin Mc Taggert SM Unattached65 43 48.49 James Doherty M60+ Individual66 53 48.57 Emma Mc Gee SW Individual67 70 48.58 Margaret Shiels W40+ Individual68 12 49.20 Paul Lee M45+ Individual69 15 49.26 Finian Ferry JM Individual70 38 49.27 Nigel Black M40+ Letterkenny A C71 90 49.29 Michael Kerr SM Individual72 37 49.31 Pat Mc Kenna W40+ Letterkenny A C73 39 49.32 Aidan Mc Kenna M40+ Letterkenny A C74 74 49.42 Anne Doherty W45+ Individual75 88 49.51 John Carr SM Unattached76 94 50.25 Drew Doherty M50+ Finn Valley A C77 58 50.28 Rosaleen Doherty SW Letterkenny A C78 16 50.43 Pat Ferry M40+ Individual79 52 51.00 Catherine Mc Kinley SW Individual80 79 51.09 Katie Friel SW Individual81 30 51.12 Marian Kerr W35+ Individual82 96 51.30 Joe Coyle SM Individual83 42 51.38 Viona Coyle W35+ Letterkenny A C84 8 51.53 Dympna Barrett W45+ Individual85 69 52.31 Amanda Mc Nulty SW Individual86 44 52.43 Laurna Mc Laughlin SW Individual87 10 52.51 Maura O’ Grady W45+ Individual88 33 52.59 Sylvester Hiemstron M40+ Individual89 62 53.08 Jerry Durning M50+ Individual90 84 53.28 David Mc Elwaine M40+ Individual91 100 53.33 Philip During M45+ Individual92 80 53.49 Debbie Houston SW Individual93 81 53.52 Josie Flanaghan M45+ Individual94 49 54.22 Laura Corbett W40+ Letterkenny A C95 103 54.37 Grace Friel W45+ Individual96 72 54.38 Eunan Gormley M40+ Individual97 97 54.39 Chuck Mc Daid SM Individual98 40 55.14 Maria O’ Donnell SW Individual99 115 55.16 Una Maguire JW Individual100 114 55.17 Paul Good SM Individual101 116 55.26 Darragh Mc Gahey SM Individual102 66 55.42 Adelle Kelly SW Individual103 117 55.44 Ronan Mc Sorley SM Individual104 68 56.02 Linda Smyth SW Individual105 107 56.32 Ruth Mc Crudden W40+ Individual106 51 57.07 Elaine Martin W40+ Individual107 50 57.18 Mary Martin W50+ Finn Valley A C108 14 57.55 Ronan Doherty JM Individual109 105 60.04 Sinead Collins W35+ Finn Valley A C110 111 62.30 Mairead Mangan SW Individual111 57 62.42 Brenda O’ Neill SW Individual112 110 63.25 Brenda Boyce SW Individual113 19 64.47 Owen Hegarty SM Individual114 87 64.47 Yvonne O’ Donnell SW Individual115 45 70.15 Aodh Mc Cormick M40+ Individual116 46 70.15 Roisin Mc Cormick W40+ IndividualDDTV VIDEO: ALL THE RESULTS OF THE BALLYARE 10K was last modified: August 19th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgA major power outage has plunged many parts of Letterkenny and the surrounding areas into darkness.A number of buildings on the town’s Main Street including the local courthouse have been left without lighting.It is understood the ESB are working to rectify the situation. A faulty transformer is understood to be the cause of the outage.A spokesman for the ESB has said that a major fault in the Gortleee/Letetrkenny and Manorcunningham areas has led to the disruption.No details of when the power will return have been released.A number of  businesses have been unable to operate since the outages. MAJOR POWER OUTAGE PLUNGES PARTS OF LETTERKENNY INTO DARKNESS was last modified: October 6th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgDDTV: A Donegal band which was only created two weeks ago have already released their very first single and video.Advanced Utopia are the futuristic, alternative, indie-pop band that are set to take the local music scene by storm.The band consists of members from Inishowen and Letterkenny and only met TWO weeks ago at a Soundwaves project. The members of Advanced Utopia are Aisling Ni Fhionnain (voice) Keith Watson (digital sounds) Kyle MacCauley (acoustic guitar) Oisin Rafferty (electric guitar) and Jennifer Kilcoyne (violin and voice) writing killer music for the Soundwaves Project.They launched their first single Black and White today and the song was accompanied by a superb video.The band look set for a very, very bright future in the music industry.To watch their video and listen to their new single simply click play on the link above. DDTV: WATCH BRILLIANT VIDEO FROM NEW DONEGAL BAND ADVANCED UTOPIA was last modified: August 4th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DDTVEntertainmentnewslast_img read more

Donegal motorists warned over potential rise in petrol and diesel prices

first_imgDonegal motorists are being advised to expect an increase in petrol and diesel prices as a result of a surge in the cost of a barrel of oil.Prices rose on the back of the attacks on two Saudi oil processing plants on Saturday.The drone strikes on national energy giant Aramco’s Abqaiq processing plant and Khurais oil field knocked 5.7 million barrels per day off production, more than half of the OPEC kingpin’s output. The attacks also halved output in the world’s top crude oil exporter.The increase in the price of a barrel may not mean anything right now, however, it could have a significant impact on consumers of home heating oils as well as motorists, according to the AA Roadwatch’s director of consumer affairs Conor Faughnan.Mr Faughnan said unless oil prices drop, consumers across the country will start to see an increase in the cost of petrol and diesel in about four to five weeks time.“We’ll find out over the next week or so whether the oil price is going to stay at it’s current high level,” he told RTE. “We simply don’t know – that depends on market movement. But if it does then you will be looking at a significant price increase being evident at Irish pumps in around about 4 to 5 weeks time from now. That’s the normal length of the supply chain.”Crude oil is a naturally occurring type of fossil fuel which is extracted and refined and used for petrol, diesel and home heating products. All of which we use a lot of in Ireland, according to Mr Faughnan.Donegal motorists warned over potential rise in petrol and diesel prices was last modified: September 16th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Hagen med det rare i— Geocache of the week

first_imgWhen daydreaming of Norway, one may think of fjord laden landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and the midnight sun. Norway is also home to over 5 million people, 72,080 active geocaches, and a thriving geocaching community. This Geocache of the Week, Hagen med det rare i, is located in the town of Steinberg along the Drammenselva river, one of the largest rivers in Norway. Location:Buskerud, NorwayN 59° 45.869′ E 009° 57.503 While visiting  family in Loesmoen we had to make the trip here. Exciting and fun garden with an ingeniously made geocache. Deserves all its blue bows. Fun that this was our first letterbox. Left our travel friend Reflexus, ready to embark on an adventure.—BråtenStabækA round after work to grab some caches in Steinberg and Hokksund with jonnyloe28 today. Today’s fourth discovery and our first letterbox. Parked at the zero point to mirror quickly heading to Hagen med det rare i. Wonderful garden and great installation. Certainly today’s highlight this here. Clear favorite points from me.Thanks so much for the cache. —supertoga1On drive from Hamar to Vegglifjell and only time for one cache. The choice fell on this, and all your favorite points are well deserved! Great box, crazy garden, and now it has another favorite points. Thanks!—Schrøder Geocache of the Week, GOTW Geocache of the Week, Uncategorized When you arrive in Steinberg, it won’t take you long to spot the remarkable garden filled with wood carvings, metal art and a Signal the Frog® lookalike. SharePrint RelatedHappy Halloween! – Geist des Hagen (GC11JM6) – Geocache of the WeekOctober 30, 2013In “Community”Epic Find, Epic Selfie — Kjerag (GCXKXJ) — Geocache of the WeekJuly 23, 2014In “Community”Preikestolen — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 4, 2019In “Geocache of the Week” Letterbox HybridGC51MPRby thomfre All of these distracting installations may increase the difficulty of finding the cache, including the large troll that guards the yard. In Norse folklore, trolls can sometimes be tricky and unhelpful to humans, so don’t let this troll trick you into going the wrong direction!Not only is the cache entertaining for geocachers and muggles alike, it also attracts Letterboxers. Like geocaching, letterboxing is another form of treasure hunting that uses clues instead of coordinates. In this case, the cache owner has made their container both a letterbox and a geocache, making it a Letterbox Hybrid. These types of geocaches will contain a stamp that is meant to remain in the box and is used by letterboxers to record their visit.Of my 200-something hides, this is my personal favorite. The cache is located right outside my grandparents’ garden, a place I spent a lot of time when growing up.Some of my earliest memories are from that place. And even though there’s some things that are as old as me there, there’s always something new to look at whenever I visit. I am thrilled that I get to share this awesome place with other geocachers! And the best part is that so are my grandparents! I might be a bit subjective here, but they are simply awesome!I’ve received so many great logs, and I really enjoy telling my grandparents about all the nice words people write. Several people have noted that they see where I get my creativity from after visiting this cache. They’re so right! -Thomfre (cache owner)Thomfre, the cache owner is also very involved in the geocaching community with an interesting geocaching blog and a website that helps Norwegian geocachers to plan their next geocaching vacation. Difficulty:1Terrain:1 Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more