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Sigfus Sigurdsson helps a friend in TV Emsdetten

Icelandic handballSigfus Sigurdsson The famous giant of Icelandic national team and many TOP European teams, line player, Sigfus Sigurdsson (35), decided to back to Germany and sign six weeks contract with a team of his friend, Patrick Jóhannesson, Emsdetten TV. Sigfus answered positive on a call of his friend – coach of TV Emsdetten, who stayed without two players due injury problems.  He will be a huge add with his experience and quality, expecially in defense.Sigfus Sigurdsson played for SC Magdeburg (2002-2006), Ademar Leon (2006-2008). In summer 2008, he was a part of the team who won Olympic silver medal in Beijing. Since that he played for Valur, home team from Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.<br /><a href=”″>zum Video</a><br /> ← Previous Story ASOBAL (Round 10): Problems for Ciudad Real Next Story → With Vranjes, SG Flensburg beat Rhein Neckar Lowen! read more

Antonio Garcia Robledo to Pick Szeged

Spanish left back Antonio Garcia Robledo is on the way to sign a deal with Hungarian second best team Pick Szeged. Spanish coach Juan Pastor, who leads Hungarian team from the last summer planning to make stronger resistance to Veszprem in the upcoming years and prepares squad for that. Current PSG Handball member is the person who is on his wish list and agreement between them is already reached… ← Previous Story QATAR 2015 PLAY-OFF: Hungarians waiting Slovenia in Veszprem! Next Story → Buducnost fans brawl with security and police, one fan taken to hospital Antonio Garcia RobledoPick Szeged

Croatia and Macedonia clinch eightfinal stage

Croatia secured the place in TOP 16 of the World Handball Championship in Qatar after beating Iran 41:22 (19:13). Macedonia won the tickets for the knock-out stage with a victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina 25:22.Two other places for eight-finals will be decided in the last two days of preliminary round.Tonight, Austria and Tunisia played 25:25 in an interesting clash in front of 4,000 spectators in Ali Bin Hamad Al Atiyya Arena in Al Sadd.STANDINGS:Croatia 6Macedonia 6Austria 3BIH 2Tunisia 1Iran 0 ← Previous Story Group A: Spain and Qatar in TOP 16 – Brazil beat Belarus Next Story → Group C: Sweden, France and Egypt to eight-finals

Kadetten win Swiss Cup 2016

Kadetten Schaffhausen ← Previous Story FC Barcelona Lassa win King’s Cup 2016! Next Story → Meshkov Brest beat SKA Minsk for Belarussian Cup trophy 2016! Kadetten Schaffhausen showed, one again, dominance in Switzerland by winning new trophy! The reigning Swiss champions won domestic Cup against St. Otmar from Saint Gallen 32:28 (18:11).Kadetten Schaffhausen – TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen 32:28 (18:11)Stadthalle, Sursee – 1150 Zuschauer – Sr. Sager/Styger.Kadetten: Portner; Cvijetic, Karacic, Liniger (6/3), Küttel (6), Richwien, Graubner (2), Pendic (4/1), Brännberger, Csaszar (3), Maros (5), Koch (6).St. Otmar: Kindler; Brücker (6), Ramadani (2), Babak (5), Jurilj, Szymanski (2), Wetzel (3), Banic (2), Milovic (3), Engels (5).Result: 1:0, 5:4, 6:4, 6:5, 9:5, 11:8, 13:8, 13:9, 15:9, 15:10, 18:10, 18:11; 19:12, 19:14, 22:16, 25:19, 25:21, 27:22, 27:24, 29:24, 30:25, 30:26, 32:28. read more

Man hospitalised with stab injuries in Wexford

first_imgGARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING after a man was stabbed in Wexford town today.Officers were called to a flat at South Main Street at around 4pm, and found a 59-year-old man with puncture wounds to his leg.The man was taken for treatment to Wexford General Hospital, a garda spokesperson confirmed this evening.An investigation is under way, and gardaí are appealing for anyone with information to get in contact.There have been no arrests in connection with the case.Read: Remains in Dublin mountains are those of missing Elaine O’Hara >last_img

Two viable homemade explosives found in Limerick

first_imgGARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING after two viable homemade explosive devices were found in Limerick this afternoon.The Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were found on a green field site beside a river in Annacotty shortly before 1pm.An Army explosive ordnance disposal team was called to the scene and confirmed that the devices were viable.The explosives were taken to a safe military location for technical examination.The Defence Forces said that the devices will be handed over to Gardaí to help with the investigation into the incident.last_img

Man dies after becoming stuck in waste disposal truck in Dublin

first_imgA MAN HAS died after becoming trapped in the back of a waste disposal truck in Dublin late last night.It is understood that the man was working in the Grand Canal Street area of Dublin when he got into difficulty.According to the Irish Times, a passerby who had been attending a nearby theatre, heard shouting coming from the back of the truck and hit the emergency stop button at around 11.15pm.Fire crews were then dispatched and used emergency equipment to release the man from the vehicle. He was brought to St James’s Hospital but later died.The victim, who was aged in his lates 30s or early 40s, was an employee of a private waste disposal company, RTÉ News reports.It is understood that the driver of the truck has received treatment for shock.Investigations by both the gardaí and Health and Safety Authority will now take place.last_img read more

Column JobBridge isnt about helping people its about padding unemployment figures

first_imgLAST SATURDAY, a group of activists gathered at Daunt Square in Cork to picket a major city centre business which we believe has been attempting to engage in the use of free labour through JobBridge. Organised by the Scambridge Cork campaign, an initiative by young members of the Socialist Party, we placed this shop on our “Wall of Shame” where it – along with other Cork businesses – will stay so long as they continue to exploit the unemployed through the free labour scheme devised by Labour and Fine Gael.The purpose of the picket was to highlight the displacement of real, paid jobs by businesses nationwide by labelling them as ‘internships’. For nine months, companies who apply to join JobBridge as a host organisation profit from the labour of an intern without having to contribute a single cent for the work they provide.Wall of ShameThe latest business featured on our Wall of Shame has advertised for six positions so far – and is just one example among many in a culture where unpaid Labour is now a state backed programme under JobBridge. A quick look at the JobBridge website will show that the majority of positions offered are not internships but real jobs, with positions being offered for car valets, butchers and receptionists for example. JobBridge is also being used widely to circumvent the recruitment ban in the public sector, with Cork City Council taking on 64 staff through JobBridge since July 2011.Our protest got huge public support, with people of all ages signing our petition and sharing their experiences of the JobBridge scam. The national website, initiated by Paul Murphy MEP, has been deluged by accounts from those who have suffered exploitation on so-called JobBridge internships.JobBridge is not real job creation scheme. In reality, it allows the government to massage the unemployment figures while giving the appearance to take action. The Government have trumpeted figures from the Indecon study on JobBridge claiming to show a majority of JobBridge interns have subsequently gotten paid employment. The reality is that the study showed that only 19.5% got employment with the host organisation, but crucially that 29% of employers using JobBridge said they were highly or fairly likely to have hired paid staff even in the absence of the scheme. JobBridge actually prevents jobs from being created; why pay someone when a company can get free labour subsidised by the state?Portraying those on the live register as being idle and lazyThere has been a great effort in recent years by the government to portray the 450,000 people currently on the live register as being idle as a result of laziness, or inertia or a lack experience or training. This was the message from Labour and Minister Joan Burton in particular, when in the latest budget they introduced huge cuts to the social welfare of 66,000 unemployed people under the age of 25. Labour TD Eamonn Maloney referred to young people being “at home watching flat-screen television seven days a week”.The reality is much simpler; there are simply not enough jobs. There are 32 unemployed people for every job vacancy (NERI, Quarterly Economic Facts: Autumn 2013). The Government’s desperate efforts to paint unemployed as being responsible for their own situation, is a cover for their own lack of any real strategy to deal with unemployment.JobBridge is not about creating jobs or helping the unemployed, it is about padding the unemployment figures bailing out business, and normalising unpaid labour.This isn’t good enoughYoung people, and all unemployed, should not accept the choice the government is trying to offer us between emigration or life on the dole and in unpaid work. We need an end to JobBridge with a real jobs programme, based on state investment in education and real training and to create the jobs which the private sector is incapable of providing.We at Scambridge will continue to expose companies that are attempting to profit off the desperation of the unemployed through this disgraceful scheme. We will picket a Cork city centre business again this Saturday at 1pm and draw attention to their unethical use of free labour. Scambridge and other groups are also planning to organise a series of protests nationally to highlight this scandal.More information visit the or the Scambridge Cork Facebook page.Kevin Coughlan is a 22-year-old special needs assistant and youth activist who’s a member of the socialist party. Read: 58 teaching positions have been filled on JobBridgeRead: Protest planned against extension on JobBridge schemeslast_img read more

20000 people apply for jobs in An Garda Síochana

first_imgTHE FIRST GARDA recruitment drive since 2009 was always going to be popular – and so it has proved.Approximately 20,000 people have applied for positions in An Garda Síochána since the recruitment campaign began on 12 December, 26 days ago. There are believed to be between 250 and 300 positions available.Hiring had been suspended for four years as part of the public sector hiring freeze. Minister for Justice Alan Shatter received sanction from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform for money to recruit new gardaí, saying it was crucial to have new recuits.Minister Shatter said he was “greatly encouraged” by the response to the recruitment campaign.He said the closing date for applications is midnight on 9 January. “I would strongly encourage all those interested in joining the Garda force to submit their application by that date if they haven’t already done so,” he said.Read: First Garda recruitment drive since 2009 begins today > Read: Garda Commissioner welcomes garda recruitment “as soon as possible” >last_img read more

Noonan named as Europes Finance Minister of the Year by The Banker

first_imgMICHAEL NOONAN HAS been named as Europe’s Finance Minister of the Year by the Financial Times’ ‘The Banker’ magazine.Noonan was awarded the accolade because of his “extraordinary progress” since taking the job in 2011 according to The Banker (subscription required).The magazine lauds Noonan in particular for the promissory note deal announced last year which it says has allowed the Government to “roll over” debts to the Central Bank “until 2038, with a much-reduced coupon payment”.It also referenced Ireland’s bailout exit last month and says that “key to this transition was Ireland’s successful re-entry into global capital markets”.The editorial also noted how Noonan and the Government “remain committed to returning the banking sector to full private ownership” and said that strides have already been made to achieve this, including its says the sale of the life and pensions operations of Irish Life and Permanent.Despite the optimism, the magazine also says that “no one is under any illusion about the challenges still facing Ireland” and referenced non-performing loans in the banking sector and high unemployment levels as reasons for this.Three years ago the Financial Times named Brian Lenihan as Europe’s worst finance minister.Explainer: What happened last night? Why was IBRC liquidated? What happens now? >Read: ‘We’re only barely getting off the ground’: Noonan dismisses boom suggestions >last_img read more

How to tell if an Irish girl likes you

first_imgSO WE’VE ALREADY established how to tell if an Irish guy likes you. Now it’s the fair turn of the cailíní.Here’s how to KNOW, without a doubt, that the beour you’re after is absolutely MAD for you.Yet again, you’re welcome.1. She won’t text you back for ages to see if you miss herYou can also determine how many months you’ve both already been going out in her head by the number of ‘x’s she includes at the end of each text. Source: Shutterstock2. She’ll shave her legs and wear matching underwearYou’ll also get to find this out. Don’t expect it to last too long though.3. She’ll never ask you out eitherAn unspeakable act that isn’t even entertained as an option. That’s YOUR JOB. If you fail to do this, hints will be endlessly dropped until you reach some form of mutual agreement. Source: Shutterstock4. Her phone screen will be a photo of you both in some mortifying poseShe’ll also put your name in her phone as ‘babe’ or have a little heart beside it.5. She’ll start crying to stop you arguing with herJUST STOP BEING MEAN! Now you feel horrible and she’s won. 6. She’ll constantly complain about all of your hobbies while insisting she tags alongIf she doesn’t like sports, she’ll interrupt every match to ask you what you’re thinking or what the rules are again. But when you’re playing, she’ll cheer you on from the sidelines, or car, if it’s raining. Source: Photocall Ireland!7. She’ll call you whenever she needs ANYTHINGPick me up, bring me here, come over I’m hungover. Take out my bins. What’s your man that plays the rugby called? Source: D Sharon Pruitt8. She won’t eat or drink a pint around youIt makes her face look totally mank. Unless it’s after a night out, then, sorry about you.9. She’ll rob all your clothesSay bye bye to your comfiest hoodie. It smells like you though, so it’s OK, not just petty theft.10. She won’t let you see her without make-upEven if it means getting up way before you early in the relationship to put on some discreet slap. IMAGINE.11. She’ll get in a huff with you all the timeBut will constantly contact you to let you know she’s in a huff and to discern what exactly you’re gonna do about it. Source: ShutterstockHow to tell if an Irish guy likes you>10 things Irish girls love>last_img read more

Chris ODowds childhood hero takes centre stage

first_img“I WOULD TAKE advice from him like I would take advice from a drunk clown.”The assertion of Chris O’Dowd last summer when speaking on The Sunday Game about Roscommon goalkeeper Shane Curran.The Bridesmaids and Moone Boy star appeared in the ‘My Hero’ segment of the RTÉ GAA show where he spoke of his Rossies childhood idols – Curran and former midfielder John Newton.Curran was senior netminder for the county during the 90′s and 00′s while Boyle was the Roscommon minor goalkeeper in 1997.Tomorrow 42 year-old Curran, a charismatic goalkeeper who was described by O’Dowd as ‘the Bruce Grobbelaar of Gaelic footballers’, will be lining out for his club St Brigid’s against Crossmaglen Rangers in the AIB All-Ireland club semi-final in Mullingar.And Kevin McStay, manager of the St Brigid’s team tomorrow, was the manager of the minor side that O’Dowd featured for in 1997.Speaking to, Curran described O’Dowd’s mentioning of him as ‘a kind gesture’ and added that the Boyle native was ‘a fantastic ambassador’ for the county with his successful acting career.“I’ve had many a mention of that RTÉ clip since,” laughed Curran.“I wouldn’t have known Chris but when you were playing senior for the county, you’d take an interest as to how the county’s underage teams were faring. I remember him playing for the minors and he was a good goalkeeper.“I tweeted him to thank him for the kind gesture. It was a very nice thing to do. But I reckon he made the right move going with the acting.“He’s a Hollywood hero now and has done very well for himself. He’s a fantastic ambassador for Roscommon with all that he has achieved and we’d all be very proud of him in the county.” YouTube: rte‘They tell themselves they’re training hard’ – Kiernan critical of GAA Players SchemeSnapshot: the only time you’ll see Dubs legend Ciaran Whelan in a Kildare jerseylast_img read more

US army forced to release WikiLeaks case documents

first_imgTHE US ARMY published dozens of documents online Wednesday in the case of WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning, after media outlets and other groups had criticised a lack of transparency.The move came in response to multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to the case against Manning, who stands accused of passing a trove of secret files to Julian Assange’s anti-secrecy WikiLeaks website.Among the organizations that demanded access to the pre-trial documents were The Washington Post, CNN and the Center for Constitutional Rights, which all said they had been prevented from informing the public about the case.Military court hearingSuch documents have been sealed based on requests either by the prosecution or defense lawyers in the case against Manning, which is being heard in a military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, north of the US capital Washington.In federal civilian court, similar types of documents are nearly always made public.Even in the military commissions at the Guantanamo detention facility, where pre-trial hearings in the case against the 9/11 plotters are being heard, military lawyers have made such documents available.On Wednesday, 84 court orders and rulings were released in the Manning case, including a partial transcription of a deposition made by Manning.The 25-year-old Army private faces a slew of charges, including “aiding the enemy,” for allegedly leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive US military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.Largest leak of restricted documents in US historyHe was arrested in May 2010 while serving as an intelligence analyst near Baghdad and subsequently charged over the largest leak of restricted documents in American history. The trial is expected to begin in June.“Due to the voluminous nature of these documents, it will take additional time to review, redact, and release all of the responsive documents,” the Army said in a statement, adding that 500 documents have been released thus far.During Wednesday’s hearing at Fort Meade, Judge Denise Lind dealt the defense a blow when she rejected their claim that the documents allegedly leaked by Manning were incorrectly marked top secret.“Evidence of overclassification is not relevant,” she said.Sensitive mattersThe proceedings at Fort Meade are shown to reporters via closed circuit television with a slight delay, so the transmission can be cut if sensitive matters are discussed.Prosecutors had asked that hearings be closed when classified information is to be discussed.Prosecutor Ashden Fein said that of 141 possible witnesses, “some form of classification” should be used for testimony from 73 of them, though “not necessarily all their testimony.”Manning is expected to offer a revised plea proposal Thursday.The most serious of the 22 charges against him, “aiding the enemy,” carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, but Manning’s team is trying to have that charge dropped.- © AFP, 2013last_img read more

Aaron McKenna We need to pay for our pensions to remove the

first_imgWORK HARD ALL your life, pay your stamps and retire with your hard earned state pension… right? Wrong. By the time the youngest of us reading this column come to retirement, near enough or at 70, there will be far fewer taxpayers per retiree who will have to be paying their stamps to cover both themselves, us and the most needy on welfare benefits in their time.As it is, our pay related social insurance is only covering 36 per cent of all social spending today. All the PRSI paid by everyone in the state and their employers is bringing in enough to pay for pensions and about half of the child benefit bill. Each year that more people return to work, we will also have more people retiring as our demographics shift into a more continental European norm of an older population with the increased bills that are associated with retirement.People are not saving enough for their retirementsA time of ever-increasing taxation, mass unemployment and economic dilapidation is a depressing one in which to tell people that they’re not saving enough for their retirements and will need to stump up more cash in future for their golden years. The OECD report into the area commissioned by Minister Joan Burton and released this week met almost cheerfully with the inevitable howls of scorn and derision at its keystone recommendation that we all be forced into pension schemes that will eat up 15 per cent of our incomes.The idea that any sane government would make such a suggestion official policy at a time like this is of course out of the question. But so often the recommendations in these reports are a part of the careful construction of choice architecture, where the cutting edge policy is used to inoculate one to think that a less expansive one is a good compromise.Of compulsory enrollment into pension schemes there is no doubt. It is coming government policy. Next will be the haggling over how much goes in, who contributes it and what comes out the far end. The policy debate will doubtlessly be framed in long-term thinking, with the higher contributions falling further into the future to be paid by those who are young today. It doesn’t hurt when protecting the entitlements of those already far along the road that the older one gets, the more likely one is to vote.17 per cent gapJoan Burton is correct to say that despite the tough times, we cannot put this issue on the long finger. We can argue about percentages, but you can’t haggle with demography. The OECD report reckons that there is a 17 per cent gap between what we’re paying today and what we need to pay in the future to get the same benefits without having to unfairly raise taxation on our children, who at that point will be trying to battle for adequate funding to school their own children and protect themselves from economic troubles and all the rest.The government, in all its wisdom, runs a pay as you go system. You and I pay our taxes over our lifetime, with one of the promises being a state pension at the far end. But it uses our taxes to pay its current obligations and it intends to use the taxes of somebody else, perhaps not even yet born, to pay for ours. This is fundamentally wrong, removing both choice and fairness from our pensions system.So too would it be wrong to force every citizen into strictly controlled pension arrangements, essentially controlling what people do with their own money and their own destiny. But, on the flip side of this, it would also be wrong for the state to subsidise those who refuse to make the sound financial choices necessary to prepare for retirement.A means-state pension systemI believe that the way forward to ensure the long term prosperity of our retirees without burdening our children with unfair taxes is to create a state backed – rather than entirely state funded – pension system that is means tested.We should all be obliged to pay what we can towards our retirements. From the time we begin working to the time we retire, our incomes are tracked by revenue. This data should be used to create a lifetime means test: if you earn more, you should be entitled to less in state benefits come your retirement and the onus is on you to make up the difference.Depending on ones earnings, one could be entitled to zero pension, half a pension, or a full state pension. The government can have opt-out pension schemes for workers, but essentially it should be down to ones own intelligence rather than the stifling wisdom of the nanny state as to what to contribute, invest into or not.Support and greater choiceThis would be fair and in the spirit of the welfare state, rather than a state pension system one can avail of regardless of anything. People can also make choices and perhaps choose to take bets or play it safe. Investing 15 per cent of our income into a forced state run system seems like a good way to stifle people who want to bet on different investments, start their own businesses or make trade offs against their retirement for their lifestyle today.This is a paradigm shift away from universal benefits, into a private pension system that the state implicitly guarantees by protecting those who cannot pay into it or where things go awry, as they did for so many in 2008. Those who cannot afford their own pensions will be looked after, while those who can must take personal responsibility for themselves; with the upshot being greater choice in how they do so.The idea of universal social benefits paid to everyone is a vote winner, not the purpose of a welfare state. The purpose of a welfare state is to offer a hand up to those who are down and would otherwise be counted out. It has been the corruption of the welfare state by politicians seeking power that has led to the arithmetically impossible to sustain system we have today and which will only get worse in future, where there are more people on the wagon than there are pulling it.Aaron McKenna is a businessman and a columnist for He is also involved in activism in his local area. You can find out more about him at or follow him on Twitter @aaronmckenna. To read more columns by Aaron click here.last_img read more

Gardaí seek help tracing man missing since February

first_imgGARDAÍ IN FINGLAS, Dublin, are seeking the public’s assistance in finding missing 35-year-old Konrad Misiak.The man has been missing from his home in Finglas since February of this year.He was last seen in the Meakstown area in early February 2014.His description is as follows: 5’1″ in heightBlack hair worn tightBrown eyesSlight buildAnyone with information on the whereabouts of the 35-year-old should contact Finglas Garda Station on 01-6667500, or Garda Confidential Line 1800-666-111.Read: Have you seen 16-year-old Adam Maher? He has been missing since Wednesday>last_img

McIlroy the leader on day two of the PGA Championship

first_imgUpdated at 1am.RORY MCILROY ENDURED the worst of the weather on day two of the PGA Championship at Valhalla but still produced a four-under par round to move into the 36-hole lead on nine-under parThe world number one started Friday on the back nine and bogeyed the 12th before taking that shot back on the very next hole. Another birdie at 15 was followed by a twenty foot eagle putt on 18.A bogey at the second briefly brought the 25-year old back to the field but birdies at seven and nine saw him card a 67 and take a one shot lead over Australia’s Jason Day and American Jim Furyk.Day produced three birdes and an eagle in a spectacular opening nine holes, eventually carding a 65 to move into second spot alongside the experienced Furyk.Joint overnight leaders Lee Westwood (-5) and Kevin Chappell (-3) both fell off the pace but Ryan Palmer did pick up one shot to move to seven-under.Offaly’s Shane Lowry was unable to match yesterday’s heroics, dropping to level par following five bogeys and three bridies today. However, that is enough for the former Irish Open winner to make the weekend.Graeme McDowell (+1) also just made the cut but Padraig Harrington (+2) and Darren Clarke (+6) both joined Tiger Woods (+6) in failing to make it past the halfway mark.Heavy rainfall causes stoppage to second round of PGA Championship‘It just shows where my game is mentally right now,’ says McIlroy after recoverylast_img read more

An ElectricityFree Lamp That Reflects The Suns Rays

first_imgThe sun is good for a lot of things, namely providing warmth and energy. But it’s easy to forget that it also produces light. But a new lamp created by Igland Design instead harnesses that light.Though, calling the Pure Sun a lamp might be a bit of a stretch. It features no electrical components, not even a light bulb. Instead, it’s a table with a piece of mirror inside, which can be angled to reflect the light of the sun, providing an instant light source. The catch is, since it’s completely electronic-free, all of the mirror tilting will need to be done by hand. It’s an interesting idea, though we’re not entirely sure just how useful it is. If it’s already sunny enough that you can reflect the sun’s rays, do you really need a light on? And what good is a lamp that you can’t use at night?Even if you are interested in the Pure Sun table, it doesn’t look like it’s currently available to purchase.Via Fast Companylast_img read more

Larry Page Starts as Google CEO

first_imgThe first day at a new job is an exciting and stressful time. Thankfully, Google’s new CEO already has a pretty firm grasp of the company’s workings, having co-founded the company 13 years ago with Sergey Brin. Larry Page and Brin served as co-presidents for the search company until 2001, when they recruited former Novell CEO, Eric Schmidt. Today is the day that Page steps in for Schmidt. When the announcement was made, back in January, Schmidt told the press, “I am enormously proud of my last decade as CEO and I am certain that the next 10 years under Larry will be even better! Larry, in my clear opinion, is ready to lead.”He added that the move will speed up decision-making (by reducing the number of cooks making the broth), but will otherwise not make a huge difference in terms of management, as Schmidt and Page, “tend to agree on pretty much everything.”At the very least, you couldn’t ask for someone with a better specialized resume.last_img read more

Microsoft goes after Rustock botnet admins

first_imgWith everyone busily analyzing Microsoft’s first public demonstration of Windows 8, and the thought of a first taste for developers this fall at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, one of its biggest security-related accomplishments has been largely forgotten about. Back in March, Microsoft scored one of the biggest victories against cybercriminals ever recorded when it successfully crippled the Rustock botnet.Microsoft isn’t done, however. In addition to making sure Rustock doesn’t reanimate itself, the company is actively seeking out those who were responsible for the botnet’s operations. While no arrests have been made yet, Microsoft has filed subpoenas for individuals tied to 11 IP addresses. Senior Microsoft attorney Richard Boscovich remains optimistic that the as yet unknown defendants will make themselves known, but was quick to add that the company will continue its pursuit regardless — possibly by bringing the matter before the Russian judicial system.AdChoices广告One individual’s identity has been uncovered thus far: Vladimir Alexandrovich Shergin, a resident of Khimki who was connected with a Webmoney account which provided funding for Rustock’s command and control network. A second individual who utilized the handle “Cosma2k” was also named, though his or her real identity remains a mystery at this point.Regardless of the outcome, Microsoft’s double-tap seems to have done the trick, reducing the amount of pharmaceutical spam in our inboxes to much more tolerable levels than what we were subjected to prior to the takedown.Read more at IT Worldlast_img read more

Anonymous Twitter alternative Vibe gets popular with Occupy Wall Street protesters

first_imgWhen I first moved to the big city of New York, I didn’t have a ton of friends. I’d occasionally go to concerts alone and check via Twitter who else was at the same concert. I’d then write to them on Twitter and see if we could find each other in the crowd of people. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but it worked. Although I was in a public setting, it’s always a bit risky meeting up with a total stranger. Plus, since the person had my Twitter handle, they knew my name and whatever other information I had tweeted about myself.However, an app called Vibe is changing the way people can connect anonymously. In fact, it’s actually being used by many of the hundreds of protesters who have been marching around New York City for the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. As we saw with the London riots, looters were being discovered by authorities via their BlackBerry smartphones. Many of the protesters were using the phone’s messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and police were able to track down many of these people by their messages.Vibe is similar to Twitter in the way that it lets you send messages out to the public via your mobile device. However, unlike Twitter it’s actually anonymous and impermanent. On Vibe’s description in the App Store, it’s advertised as a good way to chat anonymously with people nearby. You can send text, videos, and photos to nearby users at concerts, parties, football games, conferences, or in this case, massive protests.The user simply posts what’s on their mind and selects how far they want the message to be visible and for how long. Vibes can be shared with people within 160 feet of you or even miles away from you for as little as 15 minutes or up to 30 days. You decide when you want the message to self destruct. If you decide you do want to make your message public to your Twitter followers, you can also tweet your vibe to your followers.The Observer’s tech site said Vibe is the app of choice for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Communicating via Twitter more or less creates a real-time record that police and authorities can monitor. Since Vibe can limit its messages to people within a certain radius, the messages aren’t going out to the feds in Washington. Still, authorities in the vicinity of the protests could hypothetically have access to the vibes.Though Vibe is playing nice by Apple’s App Store rules with its “clean and wholesome” description, outside of the App Store, the company is definitely advertising it as a great way for Occupy Wall Street protestors to communicate. Vibe’s Facebook page has a post that says: “Anyone from Occupy Wall Street need an anonymous organizing tool? Check out Vibe, available for free…”. The page is also posting photos of Occupy Wall Street vibes, and the app’s creator, Hazem Sayed, actually flew out to New York from California to hand out flyers for Vibe and to explain to protesters how they can use it.Now you can vibe that you just got pepper-sprayed by the cops and not have your mom see it and demand you move back home immediately. It’s a good way to get a message across without being tracked down by authorities. For example, if the cops are rounding up people to arrest, you can vibe the location where the arrests are happening and warn other protesters.Clearly, the app is perfect for things like protests, demonstrations, and flash mobs. Whether or not that was Sayed’s intention when creating the app, Vibe is now being used for bigger things than football games and lectures.via BetaBeatslast_img read more